Where to Shop for Plus Size Petite Clothing

Looking for the best places to find plus size petite clothing?

Shopping for plus size clothing can be tough, but shopping for plus size petite clothing can be even tougher. For many retailers, the idea that plus size shoppers can ALSO be petite (or tall) is unfathomable. LUCKILY, there are a few really great retailers with plus size petite clothing and I have a running list here (may contain affiliate links).

Come back to see if new brands get added! Let me know in the comments where you find plus size petite clothing! I will try to keep this updated with brands as I find them!

Ulla Popken: sizes 12-36 including short length pants in a lot of styles.
Avenue: Petite lengths available in sizes 12-34W

Check the caption of each photo in this blog post for more info on a brand. I have done my best to include their size ranges and what kind of petite offerings they have in plus sizes.

Each photo is also clickable (in theory) and will take you directly to the site to browse.

Many sites don’t allow for easy filtering of petite lengths within their plus range, which is something that could be improved.

Torrid: with sizes 10-30 and SHORT and EXTRA SHORT lengths in some jean styles, they are a great option for plus bottoms.
Woman Within: admittedly a bit on the matronly side (not always, but often), they still have petite length in some core/basic bottoms that are functional for lots of folks.
Land's End: a ton of core basics and classic preppy styles in plus petite.
Talbots: plus petite in preppy and timeless styles in sizes up to 3xl.

While it still appears to be a struggle to find plus petite styles outside of denim, many of my readers and followers on social media have said that jeans and pants continue to be the most difficult thing to shop for. While tops and dresses can be purchased according to length to make it work, pants often require hemming.

There is still a lot of room for improvement in this category of plus, like the industry in general. I would love to see more speciality plus sizes included in the conversation moving forward!

eShakti: this brand allows custom sizing (in addition to a standard size chart up to 36W) and EVERY dress asks for your height so that they can customize it to fit perfectly.
Lane Bryant: petite available in a lot of styles of bottoms up to size 28WP.

Let me know if you have success with any of these stores. I want to hear what other brands have plus petite in the comments too! Feel free to save this post and come back to it later!

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