Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger Pop-Up

90s kids rejoice. You can now visit a pop-up version of Good Burger. Yes, the home of the Good Burger. From now until the end of 2019, an unassuming location in a strip-mall in West Hollywood has been transformed. Complete with an All That graffiti garage door, a strawberry shake machine, and a wave of orange soda. Read on to find out if the Good Burger is REALLY that good.

In case you are thinking of going, or if you just want to re-live your 90s childhood vicariously through photos, here are some snaps from inside the LA Good Burger pop-up and what I thought about the whole thing!

counter and kitchen view of the good burger pop up restaurant with giant milkshake and fry display
callie standing in front of a replica garage door with the all that logo wearing a black dress and paper food service hat

The interior display and set up was really well done, especially for a pop-up restaurant. They had Good Burger decor everywhere, plus a photo-op spot with a recreation of the All That intro door. Additional photo spots included a faux strawberry shake machine you could stand in, and a ‘wave’ of orange soda.

good burger logo cup holding a milkshake
good burger being held up against good burger restaurant decor background

So I know what you’re wondering:

“Was it GOOD?”

And honestly…yah, it was. It wasn’t the greatest meal of my life but I was really pleasantly surprised. Much like the Taco Bell Hotel experience, we agreed that pop-up events like these could easily get away with sub-par food. After all, people are there for the experience, photo-ops and nostalgia, right? But the burger was actually REALLY GOOD. I didn’t get to try the Good Chicken Sandwich, but my husband said it was amazing. Even the strawberry shake (although wildly overpriced and not included in the base cost of the reservation, was good).

callie standing with her back to the camera in front of a good burger neon sign holding her hand up in a peace sign

The pop-up is leaving soon (at time of writing), so if you want to go before it closes or moves to another town, you can get reservations and tickets here. We had  a lot of fun and I think it was totally worth the price. Plus the food was good, there were free arcade games, awesome 90s music playing, and cool photo-ops. What more could a nostalgic millennial ask for?

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