The Only Travel Set You Need

I’ve officially graduated to the type of traveler who brings their own pillow and blanket on the plane. But hear me out! I’m telling you guys, finding the best travel set ever was the key! Don’t worry, I’m sharing all about it right here!

When I first started travelling on my own, I was just a teenager. When I moved abroad alone for the first time, I was 21. What does that have to do with anything? Well, since you asked:

  • I was broke
  • I could sleep anywhere
  • Jetlag? What’s that?

Now that I’m *ahem* older and wiser, (aka more prone to a stiff neck and jetlag) I try to be more prepared when it comes to travel, especially the long-haul variety. That’s why I was SO please when I finally found the magic of having my own travel set!

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Happy Luxe Travel Pillow and Wrap

When I first received the pink travel set from Happy Luxe, I was like ‘oh ok cool this will come in handy’. Little did I know just how handy, and just how soon!

To start with, here is a basic review of my favorite travel set, the Paris set in Pink Crush from Happy Luxe:

  • Extremely Soft
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Versatile wrap-to-blanket concept
  • Eye mask did not cause any discomfort on my sensitive eyes
  • Chic look

I found myself bringing my travel wrap all over, including on our road-trip recently! The pillow was actually good for cat naps while on the road too!

Wearing the Happy Luxe Travel Wrap in Park City, Utah

While on that same road trip, I really realized the versatility of the set. When we went to Park City, Utah for the day, and I was in a skirt and tank top. It wasn’t quite 70 degrees out, and for a SoCal girl, that’s a bit chilly to be out all day in a tank top.

I was thinking right away “ugh, I’m gonna have to buy some awful never-to-be-worn-again souvenir sweatshirt”, because our bags were back at the hotel.

BUT THEN! I remembered I had my travel wrap in the car and it was designed to be used as both a blanket AND a chic wrap! I threw it around my shoulders and not only was it soft and cut down on any chill I would have felt, I actually felt super chic!

best travel set
Wearing my travel wrap

I’ve now been using my travel set for a while, and have used all of the pieces multiple times. I know that for me personally, having something that pulls double duty like the blanket/wrap combo is important because my space is valuable. I also know that when I feel pulled together and prepared, my travelling experiences are exponentially more enjoyable.

Plus, I can get some rest, stay warm on the plane, and hopefully without looking like the crypt-keeper.

Do you have your own travel set? What do you love about it? Tell us in the comments!

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