The Most Instagrammable Spots in London

most instagrammable spots in London

I’m back from a whole week in London! It was my fourth trip to London and the longest! It was really nice to feel less rushed than in previous trips. ALSO: I am thoroughly convinced after this trip that London is possibly the most ‘instagrammable’ city ever.

But in a city of photo ops, what are the most instagrammable spots in London you ask?

Duck and Waffle

If you’ve read any of my other London blog posts, you know how much I love Duck and Waffle. I truly believe its a ‘must-do’ in London, both for the views and the food. However, the decor in the restaurant and bar alone pushed this location into our list of most instagrammable spots in London.

From graffiti and collage art on the seating to unique floor tiles, to floor to ceiling windows, there are endless places to snap a photo for the gram. Plus the food is amazing.

Callie sitting on a bench covered in graffiti in the bar at duck and waffle London

Saint Aymes – Tea Room

Pink and floral exteriors aren’t limited to just Peggy Porschen. This smaller (and perhaps lesser known) spot is equally adorable AND easier to get a reservation and snap your photos. Saint Aymes, near Hyde Park is the spot to head to if you are looking for an afternoon tea spot that is as instagrammable as it is yummy.

The walls inside are covered in flowers, with velvet chaise lounges and mirrors aplenty. The entire cafe is just begging to be one ethereal photo shoot. I personally recommend the Rose Teapuccino.

Callie standing outside the floral window at Saint Acmes in London

Coppa Club Igloos – Tower Bridge

Perhaps the most coveted instagrammable spot in London, the igloos at Coppa Club aren’t easy to get into. Booked for months in advance, you have to be on you planning game if you want to score a spot in one. Or brave hours of waiting. Not your thing? Read on for a secret tip to getting a table quickly without a reservations (shhhhh).

I have to say, the food, service, ambiance, view and photo ops just may be worth it. Everything was PERFECT. Adorable twinkle lights made the entire outdoor area look like something from a modern fairy tale. The seating and decor inside the igloos was fantastic. The view of the bridge? You guessed it, incredible. 10/10 would recommend.

*can’t get a reservation? They keep ONE igloo open for walk-ins. It sits 6 people max, so keep that in mind. If you get to the restaurant for breakfast when they open, you can usually get in pretty quickly. We arrived at 7:30 am on a weekday in January and trust me when I tell you THEY ARE BOOKED. We were only able to sneak in because we were the FIRST walk-ins to arrive. Worth the early wakeup call.

how to get into the coppa club igloos in London without a reservation

EL&N Cafe – Hans Crescent

EL&N has been blowing up recently for its modern, entirely instagrammable menu and decor. Its no secret why. The location we visited (adjacent to Harrod’s) had to be the most instagrammable business I’d ever seen. The entire cafe, from exterior to latte to restrooms was designed to be a background for content creation and cute photos.

This location features PINK just about everywhere, a wall of flowers embellished with floating pink carousel horses, and a basement with walls covered in pink conversation hearts, to name a couple elements.

The rose latte was actually pretty good, too!

flower wall at EL&N cafe near harrods in London

Red Phone Booths

You didn’t think I was going to make it through an entire list of the ‘most instagrammable spots in London’ without including one of these icons, did you?

We found the cutest double set of booths right along the entrance to Hyde Park near the Marble Arch metro stop. They are, of course, all over the city, but I found that they are increasingly vandalized and covered in stickers in some of the more ‘touristy’ areas or with the ‘famous’ backgrounds.

Callie standing in a red telephone booth in London near Hyde Park

Additional Locations

There are, of course, about a million other amazing photo ops to be had in London that aren’t listed here. I don’t need to list Big Ben, the London Eye, etc. Of course they are amazing also! But there are a few that I want to mention that are great IF they are still running/in season:

  • All of Chinatown is amazing. Red lanterns everywhere and great food instagram opportunities. Also just great food.
  • Covent Garden. There are often pop-up shops or installations (like this KILLER one while we were there)
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Carnaby Street

I would love to hear about the places you think are the most instagrammable spots in London in the comments!

the most instagrammable spots in London
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  1. Brita Long says:

    You are so beautiful, and I love all of these photos!

    Arriving at Brennan’s in New Orleans 15 minutes before they opened also snagged my husband and me a table for two without reservations. Although they have an entire room for people without reservations, but even it only seats about a dozen or so.

    • Callie says:

      oohhh thats amazing! We went there when we were in NOLA also and it was fabulous! Can’t wait to go back xo x

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