The Best Designer Dupes on Amazon

Looking for the BEST designer dupes on Amazon? Look no further!

Don’t get me wrong: I love luxury goods. I really do. After spending almost a decade in retail (and specifically luxury goods), I have a true appreciation for the history and craftsmanship that luxury can bring. HOWEVER, I also acknowledge that sometimes a luxury house produces a style that simply isn’t in the budget. Or, its a style that you simply won’t wear enough to justify the investment. This is the PERFECT case to see if you can find a designer dupe!

What is a designer dupe?

Firstly, a designer dupe (at least in this post) is a style INSPIRED by a well-known designer brand. They are NOT knock-offs. They will not have exact logos, because….that’s illegal! Yes, seriously. Its intellectual property that is owned by those brands and should be respected. But you CAN find really cool pieces inspired by some of your favorite houses!

So, without further ado, I present to you:

The Best Designer Dupes on Amazon

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the best designer dupes on amazon

Inspired by: Designer vs Dupes

Here are some examples of the prices of the original and authentic pieces vs the dupes on amazon. Obviously many designer pieces have exceptional quality that may vary from dupes, but if you are looking for a cute ‘designer inspired’ piece, these are perfect!

Additionally, some of these styles are near impossible to find anymore in their authentic version. They were limited edition and/or past collections which means if you wanted authentic you would likely have to buy on the secondary market.

Here are the comparisons for you!

best designer dupes on amazon
bee headband dupe
Valentino sandal dupe
Prada bag dupe amazon
designer dupe amazon
designer dupe amazon red key pouch
designer dupe pearl purse dupe cult Gaia
best designer dupes on amazon

There are so many amazing dupes here that are just must-haves! I hope you are able to snag some of these amazing designer dupes on Amazon before they sell out! Tell me which ones you get and make sure to tag me on instagram (@hotpinkandglitter) so I can see your cute styles and feature you!

Tell me which of these designer dupes on amazon are your favorite, or if you’re looking for others!

best designer dupes on amazon

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