Spring Cleaning: Home Organization Tips

It’s official spring, which means spring cleaning, am I right?I am definitely looking to keep myself more organized. We are moving and I want to get off on the right foot!

If you’re looking to organize your home (or in my case: life), check out these amazing items that we can use to get everything in place! Bonus! Everything is from Amazon!

Here are my picks for home organization tips and products!

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Bathroom and Makeup Organization

I have so much skincare. Y’all its not even funny. I use it because that’s my jam, but seriously I need help organizing it. If you are like me (or a makeup addict) I think these are seriously adorable and really going to help us.

Also, spy those drawer organizers! How perfect for brushes, lip glosses, etc!

bathroom drawer organizer
skincare organization
makeup organizer tower

Office Organization

These picks are designed to help you get your home office organized! From bigger pieces to keep things like files, to small desk organizers. I love the cute options that are available. PLUS I picked items that are pretty affordable.

I personally feel more productive when my workspace is organized. Hopefully these will help you get your space ready to go!

hot pink and glitter blog Callie Richards spring cleaning organizing
rose gold office decor

Closet Organization

Technically this should be called ‘clothing organization tips’ because its also for drawers! I love the hanging organizers and I use several in my closet at home. They are great for shoes, scarves, hats and more. The collapsible hangers look amazing and would definitely come in handy in a smaller apartment-sized closet.

compartment underwear drawer bra organizer
hanging closet organizer
closet organization system
space saving closet hangers

What are your favorite ways to get organized during spring cleaning? Have any awesome tips or product suggestions?

Share your spring cleaning and organizational tips in the comments!

closet organization tips
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