Road Trip Essentials: Shoppable Packing List

road trip essentials packing list

If you’ve ever been on a road trip that’s lasted longer than a few hours, you know how smart you have to be when packing! We went on a 10 day cross-country Route 66 road trip a couple of years ago! Right now we are getting ready to go on another 10 day road trip! We will be driving through western states of the US: California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Use this shoppable list of road trip essentials from Amazon to make sure you have all the things you need to make your next trip epic!


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road trip essentials packing list
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road trip packing list
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road trip essentials packing list
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road trip packing list
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best road trip essentials packing list
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So you have your road trip essentials to make sure you are comfortable, looking fierce in all your photos, and have your treats, here are some other things to take into consideration when packing for a roadtrip:

  • Laundry: will you be doing laundry, going to a laundromat, having the hotel do it, or packing enough to not need to do it?
  • Snacks and drinks: These are important but since they are better purchased locally in most cases, I didn’t add them to the ‘online shoppable list’ above.
    • Bottled water or reusable bottles to fill with water as you stop
    • Snacks that don’t need refrigeration: jerky, dried fruit and trail mix are some personal faves!
  • Gas: if you will be driving through more remote areas, make sure to double check for gas stations along the way and know how long you can drive between stops
  • Accommodations: driving tired can be as dangerous as driving drunk. Make sure to plan for stops to rest at safe intervals. My FAVORITE way to book affordable hotels on-the-go, even with almost NO notice is outlined HERE where I share my top ‘booking cheap hotels’ hack.

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