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This may be controversial, but I have to say it: fall is the best season. I know, I know, all of my friends reading this in places with wet falls (and cold winters) are rolling their eyes. But for us Californians, summer can become SO hot and seem to stretch on endlessly. So, fall is a WELCOME treat with cooler days.

ALSO: I JUST THINK FALL/WINTER FASHION IS SO GOOD. So many layers. So many options. So much denim!

Recently, I partnered with rue21 to try out some of the hottest fall trends in denim and I wanna chat about them! They are so affordable, come in plus size (obvi) and have something for everybody.

So, lets jump into these cute plus size fall denim trends!

Plus Size Fall Denim Trends: My thoughts

Skate Jeans:

all my fellow 90s kids will definitely remember this one! The wide leg, distressed jeans inspired by skate culture are BACK! I love the high rise on these jeans. They are super comfy and give that chill, laid-back vibe.

HOW TO STYLE: pair with your favorite graphic tees, polo crops, pullovers, or layered with turtlenecks. Add sneakers and sporty accessories for an effortless cool-girl look.

Flare jeans:

I am a huge fan of the flare trend. The look is fresh and retro at the same time. I got a pair in black from rue21 and they are super comfortable. Plus, I love the high rise and super stretch.

HOW TO STYLE: embrace the retro/boho vibes with distressed details, cropped sweaters, bell sleeves, or vintage-inspired band tees.

Straight Leg Jeans:

While some folks say skinny jeans are out, I think its more that we are seeing MORE options for straight leg jeans. This pair with a cool little slit is the perfect way to dip your toes into the look. They offer a more relaxed look than a skinny jean, without the big flare bottoms.

HOW TO STYLE: Keep it casual! Straight jeans are really versatile, so pair with just about anything, especially casual looks with light washes like this pair.

Let me know which of these plus size fall denim trends you’re loving the most! And check out the selection from rue21 (don’t forget to sign up for rue rewards while you’re there!)

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