Best Plus Size Swimsuits

It's that time of year: temperatures are on the rise (or will be soon), staycations and vacations are on the mind, and we need new swimsuits. FEAR NOT! I am here to help! As a plus size woman, I know the idea of having to buy a new swimsuit can feel daunting. Are they going to fit? Will they stock my size? Are they quality? Is it comfortable? Is it going to make me FEEL FABULOUS? However, there are amazing suits available, and we are gonna talk about them. I

Spring Cleaning: Home Organization Tips

It's official spring, which means spring cleaning, am I right?I am definitely looking to keep myself more organized. We are moving and I want to get off on the right foot! If you're looking to organize your home (or in my case: life), check out these amazing items that we can use to get everything in place! Bonus! Everything is from Amazon! Here are my picks for home organization tips and products! *as always this post may include affiliate links. Read Also: Motivation Monday Bathroom and Makeup Organization I have
Wondering how to have fun at home while we're all stuck inside? It's a major bummer when plans get cancelled for any number of reasons: finances, difficulty with certain types of transportation, global health get the idea. Anyways, while we are all #aloneTogether right now (thanks a lot, Coronavirus), hopefully this post ages well and is handy regardless of why you may be stuck at home! *ps this may contain affiliate links. So let's get down to it: how to have fun at home when you feel stuck there!

Flying Plus Size: How to Get a Second Seat for Free

Ever wanted more room while flying? Armrests digging in? Squeezing your arms to your chest to avoid encroaching into the next seat? You may want to get a second seat for free! Many people have anxiety about flying. Its pretty common actually. But something that isn't talked about enough is the ADDITIONAL stress and anxiety that plus size travelers may experience when traveling. I have had some very long flights made worse by anxiety and/or lack of space. From uncomfortable seats to small doorways to size discrimination, there are many
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