The Ultimate List of Fall and Halloween Items I Love

Those close to me know that I LOVE FALL. I love halloween, leaves, cooler days, fall fashion, all of it. As I've gotten older I realized that the only reason I liked summer so much as a kid was because school was out. Now, I realize fall is where it's at. Anyways, this is my official 'homage to fall' post with some of my most favorite fall finds. Everything from gifting ideas to fashion, halloween to home decor. I keep this baby updated so make sure to add a bookmark
No Buy Bright Summer Outfit Inspo Welcome back to another installment of our blogger collaboration: the No Buy Style Challenge Edition! The month you've (perhaps) been waiting for has finally arrived: MY MONTH TO INSPIRE THE LOOK! So here we go with a super fun (and VERY Callie) bright summer outfit! About the No Buy Style Challenge If you're new to the show, this is a rotating blogger collaboration with myself, and my blogger friends Charlene, Brita and Liz. Each month we have taken turns creating a 'no-buy' style look.
Welcome friends to another installment of the NO BUY STYLE CHALLENGE! If you've been following along you know this is the third month I have collaborated with some of my blogger girlfriends to share ideas for outfits from things we already have! This month I'm so so excited to share the outfit chosen by Charlene and how I used her look as inspiration to create my own plus size summer outfit! My Plus Size Summer Outfit Inspired by Charlene's Look! I picked this leopard print romper after I saw how

Shop the Best Plus Size Looks

Shop the best plus size looks in one spot! YEP! This blog post and page (bookmark it!) serves as my consistency updated list of stoppable images, collages, videos and more! This contains affiliate links at no cost to you. They will take you to my LTK profile for that image with ALL the links in one spot to the best plus size looks! Feel free to follow along there for more shoppable looks (plus beauty and home finds!) Just click on any image or link to see the styles directly!
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