The Perfect Wide Calf Boots

I know what you're thinking. Really? The PERFECT wide calf flat boot? There's no such thing. And maybe you're right. But I think it's pretty darn close. This blog is gonna be short and sweet and tell you why these over-the-knee extra wide calf flat boots are my newest obsession. As always this post may contain affiliate links. This post is not sponsored. I bought these boots! The Perfect Wide Calf Flat Boot First things first, the boots. These beauties are called the Cameron and I bought them from Jessica London.

The BEST Amazon Gifts for Holiday 2019

"ALEXA, finish my holiday shopping!!!" Ok. Maybe we aren't there quite yet, but almost. I've rounded up the BEST, hottest, most on-trend and coveted gifts for 2019 for the gals in your life. AND IF THAT INCLUDES YOU, SO BE IT, AM I RIGHT? #treatyoself This here my dearies is my hand-curated list of the TOP 15 gifts on Amazon per MOI, taking the following into consideration: Items from and/or inspired by the "Top 100" gift list per Amazon All available on PRIME 4* ratings or better!! So whether you

Finding Your Perfect Fragrance

I have loved all things 'pretty smelling' since I was a little girl, so its no wonder I fell in love with fragrance as an adult. Scents can transport us and remind us of things we love. Its our sense of smell, after all, that is most closely tied to memory recall. But with so many choices, how do you find your perfect fragrance? A great perfume is hard to find, but I have hit the JACKPOT and I am so excited to chat about it with you. "A perfume

Fall Style: The Versatile Piece You Need

I love a versatile piece. Who doesn't. When it comes to fall style, one of the best things are the layering possibilities. I love the look of a well-thought out and cozy ensemble. But ALSO: who has time for that? Not me. Luckily one of my favorite ways to upgrade my fall style looks easily is by following something called the 'rule of three'. Let me explain... Use often by visual merchandisers, stylists, and even part of the dress code in many designer retail shops ( I know from experience
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