Ok ladies! Let's keep it real: the plus size shopping situation is still a challenge. We have come SO far since I was a teenager and all I had was the matronly section of a department store. However, we have a long way to go and I personally know how frustrating it can be to discover a new brand and click through to their site, only to find out they don't carry a plus range. So I've come here today with a list of some of the BEST online retailers
We just got back from a nine day road trip of the Western US. We left from home (Southern California) and went to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and back down through California. It took us nine days, but it could definitely take longer if you wanted to spend more time in some of the places! Want to take a road trip, but just don't know where to go? Check out these photos to get some vacation inspiration! Read also:  Road Trip Essentials First, lets take a more detailed look at our

The Only Road Trip Playlist You Need

So you're getting ready to get 'on the road again'? (Pun fully intended). I think we can all agree that a great playlist on the stereo can make all the difference when it comes to long car rides. Which is exactly why I've created the ultimate road trip playlist on Spotify! It's available to anybody to listen to or use, so I hope you enjoy! How did I choose the songs, you ask? Well, I didn't choose them alone! That's right! This here is a community-generated playlist. I definitely added

Road Trip Essentials: Shoppable Packing List

road trip essentials packing list
If you've ever been on a road trip that's lasted longer than a few hours, you know how smart you have to be when packing! We went on a 10 day cross-country Route 66 road trip a couple of years ago! Right now we are getting ready to go on another 10 day road trip! We will be driving through western states of the US: California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Use this shoppable list of road trip essentials from Amazon to make sure you have all the things you need
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