City of Angels and Ancestors: My Favorite Foodie Spots in Downtown Los Angeles

IN THE LATE 1930S MY GREAT-GRANDMOTHER WAS THE QUEEN OF SAN FERNANDO. A table in our house has this photo of her and my grandpa (her son) dressed in full parade gear getting ready for the ride. My dad, a native Chicagoan, relocated to Santa Monica as a teenager and eventually worked as a firefighter paramedic for the LA City FD. His old station is a museum in Hollywood now. He can still get us anywhere in the city when we visit without GPS. He claims its a result of

In a New York Minute

This year, at the very end of April, I went to NYC for a long weekend with some girlfriends. Mind you, this California girl (as well as all the other friends attending) were certain that this time of year was a perfect choice! Its full on spring after all. Almost May, actually! Not cold anymore, but saving us from the unbearable humidity that comes with summer in NYC. FALSE. FAKE NEWS. IT WAS FREEZING. Poor NY had blizzards still happening in April, so I know it was unusual but good lawd it
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