47 Incredible Things to do in Paris

IT'S NO SECRET I LOVE PARIS! I DID LIVE THERE, AFTER ALL. The city holds a special place in my heart and since I've been itching for a visit, I decided to compile a list of 47 incredible things to do in Paris for you guys! This will be all sorts of things! Where to do, what to eat, and more! Some will be better in specific seasons (so obviously the Christmas market is out if you're visiting in June...) but they are all wonderful and!) I hope you enjoy

#MotivationMonday Series

Well, as you can see it's not Monday. Well, it may be a Monday that you're reading this, but it wasn't written on a Monday. Its Tuesday, but feeling rather Monday-ish all the same. Which is exactly why I have decided to launch a new series of videos on Monday mornings. A series that will dive into questions and concerns sourced straight from our own community (shopwithcallie.com). I find that the internet is full of experts and gurus and maybe what we really need is more friends. More girlfriends who

Do it for the Gram: My Review of Happy Place

ARE YOU CONSTANTLY LOOKING FOR FUN BACKDROPS TO TAKE PHOTOS? APPARENTLY YOU (*COUGH COUGH* 'WE') AREN'T ALONE. There is officially an entire place designed to let you 'DO IT FOR THE GRAM'. INSERT, HAPPY PLACE. Note: I was able to visit the Happy Place installation while it was still in Los Angeles a couple of months ago. It has since (and at time of blog post) relocated to Chicago. This is a review / blog about the Los Angeles location. Late last year, thanks to a Groupon ad (yes, I love Groupon), I was made
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