If you have been following along in the series you know that this is the second installment in my blogger collaboration series called the "No Buy Style Challenge!" This month my friend Liz from Palmettos and Pineapples served up her inspiration for us to put our own spin on! A gorgeous spring printed dress! In case you're just joining us, this style challenge consists of the four of us rotating inspiration by challenging each other to create looks from things we already have! This is a great way for me

Home Movie Night: The Ultimate Guide

You know what sounds dreamy? The smell of fresh popcorn, a fizzy drink, and some candy in hand while you watch a new movie or a classic favorite! Spoiler alert: FROM HOME. That's right friends: we're talking home movie night! At time of writing, we are all spending a lot of time at home, but this really would be a fun idea ANY time of year to make a night at home special. Perfect for couples, friends, families, anybody! *post may contain affiliate links. Here is how to build your

How to Color Your Hair at Home During Quarantine

how to color your hair at home
Got roots? Don't worry babe, I got you. I'm gonna share my 'how to color your hair at home during quarantine so that you don't regret it later' tips. Things are wild right now, and even though coloring your hair may not have been priority number one (or even number ten) during the first few weeks of quarantine, if you're like me, I'm about ready for some self care. And grey coverage. I finally bit the bullet and tried at home color for the first time since I was below

How to Get FREE Products to Review

Wondering how to get free products? I don't know about you, but when I see people getting #gifted products, for a very long time I wondered: A. HOW??? HOW? no, seriously...HOW? B. Is this a scam? Well, now that I've been blogging and creating content on Instagram + Pinterest for a few years, I know that there are a LOT of ways that people could be getting FREE products in exchange for sharing/reviewing them. Today I am sharing ONE of the ways that even a beginner blogger / instagrammer can
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