Everything We Know About the Taco Bell Hotel

*in Robin Leach voice* "It's Baja Blast Wishes and Crunchwrap Dreams here at the Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs!" Ok, he didn't say that. But it definitely played through my head when my husband told me that Taco Bell was going to have a pop-up resort in the desert for a few days. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he meant he would remember when reservations were opening and actually get us one. I mean, I myself am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of burritos and gorditas. Growing

Magnetic Lashes: Do They Work?

I tested out my first pair of magnetic lashes and became obsessed! I went back and purchased more, and I am here to spill the tea about all your magnetic lash questions! As always this post may contain affiliate links. You've probably seen the advertisements on social media over the past couple of years. Something straight out of a beauty sci-fi story: MAGNETIC EYELASHES. That's right! They claim that with just the power of simple, harmless magnets, you can have full, lush, chic lashes without the hassle of glue or

Carry-On Beauty Products We’re Obsessed With

Travel can be one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have as human beings. But that doesn't mean its always easy. From planning to packing, culture shock to missed connections, travel near and far can come with challenges. When we want to look and feel our best while travelling, it can be even trickier. Restrictions on sizes of liquid products, coupled with what is often an incrased need for skincare (thanks, dehydration), we can find ourselves struggling to GET. IT. TOGETHER. (Just me? LOL. I'm admittedly a mess half

Must-Have Handbags for 2019

road trip packing list
And the best party? They are all available on Amazon. Seriously. *Prime me up, Scotty!* But seriously, if you have been waiting for the perfect handbag to freshen up your wardrobe, this is the list for you! I've scoured all the corners of the handbag universe to find the most on-trend, highly-coveted and versatile handbags to carry you (and your stuff) through the rest of the year! A little back story: I am obsessed with handbags, from affordable to luxury. Why? Well who can say really? But I do have
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