My Top 3 Resources for the Best Free Images for Social Media and Business

IF YOU ARE RUNNING ANY KIND OF BUSINESS OR ONLINE PRESENCE, YOU KNOW THAT SOURCING AND CREATING QUALITY CONTENT CAN BE ONE OF THE MOST TIME CONSUMING JOBS. BUT WHERE TO FIND THE BEST FREE IMAGES? Luckily, when you need to beef up your visuals and you don't have the time (or resources) to create your own content, I have a few amazing places that always have great FREE images that you can use! Why can't I just get images from Google? It's important to remember that images are intellectual

Where to Eat in London

My Favorite Places to Eat in London After an awesome trip last year with maman (my mom) to London and Paris, I have finally gathered up all my photos and put together a list of my favorite places to eat in London! I would love to hear your recommendations as well! Tell us your favorite places to eat in London in the comments.   BREAKFAST AND BRUNCH: Royal Quarter Cafe This adorable little quick service cafe was just near our hotel (the Conrad St James) and within walking distance. We

#MotivationMonday: Ways to Survive the Holidays with Less Stress

THIS PAST WEEK DURING OUR WEEKLY LIVE EPISODE OF #MOTIVATIONMONDAY, WE TALKED ABOUT HOW STRESSFUL THE HOLIDAYS CAN BE, AND DISCUSSED SOME TIPS AND TRICKS TO HELP US MAKE IT THROUGH WITH LESS STRESS. READ ON TO SEE OUR LIST OF TIPS AND TRICKS ON REDUCING STRESS! Learn to say "no": you are not obligated to say 'yes' to every single holiday event/function/opportunity. Learning to politely decline will help you set boundaries, maintain your sanity, and prioritize. End result? A more enjoyable holiday season, and isn't that the goal? Ask

#MotivationMonday: Overcoming Obstacles

THIS WEEK DURING OUR LIVE FACEBOOK BROADCAST WE DISCUSSED SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US FACES: OBSTACLES. I SHARED HOW A SHIFT IN MINDSET CHANGED MY LIFE AND THE WAY I VIEW OBSTACLES. READ ON TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE OVERVIEW AND OUR DISCUSSION. The major shift in mindset: the obstacle is the way.   I shared how I think of obstacles as levels in a video game (dorky, I know). There are always things/skills/tricks you need to learn and master before you pass the level. Why? Because you will
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