Plus Size Style: One Top, Two Ways

How I Used One $13 Shirt to Style Two Outfits in Paris First things, first, here is the $13 plus size shirt I took with me on the trip. Its from SheIn, and it was the first time I had ever ordered from them. I was on the fence, but I ordered 10 items and loved it all. Like I was literally shocked by how much I LOVED everything. As for this specific plus size top, you can find it HERE. The first way that I styled this top was

Most Instagrammable Places in Paris

hiring a photographer on vacation
If you're headed to Paris and you're anything like yours truly, you'll want to document all your adventures in the city of lights! So what are the most Instagrammable Paris spots? I'm here to help! I'm not one for going out of my way to LAME places to take photos just because they may look cool. So I've created a little list of some of my favorite places in Paris where you can snap some super pix for the gram AND have some fun, or score an awesome view. I

Self Love in 5 Steps

Self love is such an important part of the messaging I want this blog to put into the world. I have often said that I believe most of the world's problems would be solved if girls were taught to love themselves, and be confident and proud of it. Read on to hear Sondra's incredible story, and how she learned to love herself after years of trauma. This is part of our #glitteryguests series, where we have amazing stories shared by guest writers. Make sure to subscribe to emails to get

Your New Fairy Godmother: The Bra Lady

Bra Lady Brittany Outlaw

Are you a cup half-full or half-empty kinda gal? How about a cup runneth over gal? Yah, that’s right ladies. I’m talking about your bra size. Read on to find out how I stopped hating bras and found ones that fit. Over a text message. I know about three women who LOVE shopping for bras or wearing bras or even know their bra size. Bras are a pain to shop for, hard to find the perfect fit, and usually we are ripping them off by the end of the day.

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