If you’re like me, you LOVE documenting your adventures with photos and videos. Whether its a local visit to a farmer’s market, or a week-long epic vacation, I want to have memories I can both share and look back at! That’s where the inspiration for this travel photography post came from! If any part of your work involves content creation, like blogging, Instagram, YouTube, etc., it’s even more important to produce high-quality photos and content. But what if you’re struggling to produce photos you love? I’ve been a full-time blogger

Balancing Act: Juggling Business, Family and Fun with Mary Pendleton

Hi guys! Callie here with a quick intro for this super exciting piece! This is the first of many guest posts from amazing women around the world who kindly volunteered to share their knowledge and stories with us! First up, read on to hear how Mary Pendleton adjusted her life and work to meet her needs and how she continues to perform the work/life balancing act. Enjoy! Balancing Act by Mary Pendleton If you’re anything like me, you’re in a constant struggle to balance your family, your work, and your

So this here isn’t your ‘average’ packing list on a travel blog Why? Because I am PRETTY sure you wont forget the actual suitcase itself, or your favorite outfit. We all usually remember to pack shoes and our makeup. And, I already have a list posted about travel essentials you may want to grab before your next trip. But what about those things you just ALWAYS seem to be forgetting? This is the packing list for you. I asked our Facebook community of over 3,000 women to share the items they

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