Best Beauty Products for Hot Climates

best beauty products for hot climates
As we prepare for summer, its not just our wardrobes we may consider updating! If your makeup bag needs a refresh this season, look no further! I've rounded up the essentials! These are the best beauty products for hot climates! Whether you live in a warm climate year-round, are looking to visit one on holiday, or your hometown heats up for just a couple of months, these products will help you stay fresh and flawless as things get hot! One of the things I personally switch out when the temperatures

Vegas Bucket List

LAS VEGAS looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night. – Chuck Palahniuk Las Vegas is one of the most iconic destinations in the entire world. Ask anybody what they think of when they hear ‘Las Vegas’, and you’ll get answers. Those answers may vary from ‘desert’ to ‘wild’, ‘gambling’ to ‘neon lights’, but almost everybody has an image of Sin City seared into their mind. Movies, TV, and urban legends have created an image of a desert oasis, where ‘what happens here, stays here’. With so many

How to Save Money Fast, Pay off Debt, and Travel More

how i save money to travel with digit

The Question I Get the Most: How Do You Afford to Travel So Much? This question shows up in my Instagram DMs a LOT. Well, that’s a complex question, because there isn’t a simple answer. HOWEVER, there is ONE thing that helps me with ZERO EFFORT: digit. I would be lying if I said that digit alone has allowed me to travel more than I used to, or perhaps even more than the average person. I am self-employed. Some of my social boutique work can be done while traveling (specifically

Cruise Tips: How to Cruise Like a Pro

cruise tips how to cruise like a pro

This post may contain affiliate links. Thinking of heading someplace tropical on a cruise? Well you are in the right spot! I just got back from a week-long Royal Caribbean cruise in the Caribbean and I’ve compiled some cruise tips for you! Learn from my mistakes and experiences so you can travel like a pro on your cruise! First, a little background. This is the second week-long cruise with RC that I have been on. Last year we went to Jamaica, Haiti, and Cozumel, leaving out of Fort Lauderdale. This

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