#MotivationMonday: Getting Organized

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On this week’s episode of Motivation Monday Live, we talked and shared ideas to help us get more organized! Read on to hear some of our community’s best ideas.

If you aren’t familiar with our weekly live episodes of #MotivationMonday, I go live on Facebook at 9am pst most Mondays and we gather to discuss varying community-submitted topics. This week our theme (organization) came from Jaymi.

I am very open and aware of my own struggles regarding organization, and since these episodes discussion-driven, this was something I was so excited to chat about! After all, I need all the tips I can get.

Here are some of the ideas that were shared during our #MotivationMonday live:

#MotivationMonday: Organize your Mind

  1. Make a list rather than relying on memory: your brain power should be saved for really critical thinking tasks rather than overflowing with a tedious to-do list. Here are some specific ideas shared from our viewers:
    • Hope creates reminders and alerts in her phone to keep her organized.
    • Kelly places a calendar front and center on her fridge so it’s always in sight.
  2. Plan your meals ahead of time:
    • Mari-Leigh creates a meal calendar before she shops. A flexible calendar allows you to stay on track, on budget, and saves you time.
    • Hope cooks for two or three, which allows her to freeze portions to have later.
  3. Make a game out of tidying with your kids:
    • Patti created a basked for each of her children’s toys to keep them tidy. She made a game out of who could tidy the fastest when playtime was over.

#MotivationMonday: Organize your Space

  1. Do a closet purge and donate, sell, or recycle items you aren’t using:
    • Tosha shared an idea about using Lent as a way to de-clutter by adding one item you don’t use to a donation bag each day. Donate all 40 items at the end.
    • Kelly organizes her closet every time the seasons and weather changes and donates what she isn’t using.
    • Consider selling great condition items on eBay or in a consignment store.
  2. Automate and eliminate:
    • Automate processes that don’t need you. If you can, consider using services like grocery delivery (goodbye impulse shopping!) and gift-finding to save you time.
    • Set up auto pay on recurring bills to save time and maybe even a late fee or two.
    • Unsubscribe from emails you don’t read and opt out of paper junk mail.
  3. Get professional help:
    • If you are REALLY in need of some serious help and maybe a reset, then consider hiring a cleaning service or professional organizer.
    • Look at the ‘systems’ you have in place and evaluate if an upgrade is in order. For example, a new closet system or kitchen organization may totally change your outlook and set up.


I hope that some of the #MotivationMonday ideas our community shared help you to get organized this year! Write your own organization suggestions in the comments!

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