Magnetic Lashes: Do They Work?

I tested out my first pair of magnetic lashes and became obsessed! I went back and purchased more, and I am here to spill the tea about all your magnetic lash questions! As always this post may contain affiliate links.

You’ve probably seen the advertisements on social media over the past couple of years. Something straight out of a beauty sci-fi story: MAGNETIC EYELASHES. That’s right! They claim that with just the power of simple, harmless magnets, you can have full, lush, chic lashes without the hassle of glue or monthly extension appointments. But do they WORK? Do they look good? I dove in and tested them out, and I am here to breakdown my full review of magnetic lashes! Read on to check out what I thought!

Review: Selfie Lashes Set

I chose the most dramatic of the options that were available in terms of length and fullness. So if you decide to try them for yourself, you could certainly try any of the more natural options. They would be great for work, or daytime wear.

The set came with a pair of magnetic lashes, including 8 anchors, and a bottle of Magnetude liner.

Essentially the instructions are:

  1. Apply TWO coats of magnetic eyeliner (alone or over your own eyeliner. Allow to dry between coats and make sure to apply enough (not patchy).
  2. Starting on the inside corner of the lash line, allow the magnets on the lashes to attach to the dried liner.
  3. For EXTRA hold*, use tweezers to place the tiny anchor lash magnets UNDER your natural lashes, until they ‘click’ and attach to the magnets on the strip lashes.
Before (left): full face of makeup, including a single coat of mascara After (right): with the addition of "Selfie" lash kit

Here is a video of me walking you through the application of the lashes! I did not choose to use the anchor lashes. I had used them before, but I honestly haven’t needed them. The lashes stay on so well on their own that I don’t need the anchors. You certainly can use them for more hold.


9 to 5 Lashes
Ladies Night Lashes
Selfie Lashes

Final Thoughts on Magnetic Lashes

I can’t speak to the effectiveness of other brands of magnetic lashes. However, as a former makeup artist, I can speak to applying both individual and strip lashes. I also had eyelash extensions almost nonstop for a couple of years. They looked great, but were expensive and time consuming. I also don’t lead a lifestyle where I need to have permanent lash extensions at all times (I work from home, or from wherever I’m at, after all LOL).

I think these are BRILLIANT. They are perfect for anybody who wants to get a full, chic, lash look, without the commitment or hassle. They last up to 30 wears, so the price is far less than disposable strip lashes OR lash extensions.

All of my friends who have gotten a pair (or two) have loved them and nobody has had any difficulty in applying them or with them staying on. The liner comes off when I wash my face at night, without issue.

Wanna check em’ out? Head over here to see all the options!

Have you tried magnetic lashes? What did you think?

Have questions? Drop them below!

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