How to Use Poshmark to Buy and Sell Clothes

So you want to know how to use Poshmark?

There is a really good chance you’ve heard of Poshmark before. The online platform that helps you buy and sell clothes you already have is a MASSIVELY popular way to both find epic deals on styles outside of traditional retail channels, AND earn cash by selling things you aren’t using. But if you’re new, it can be overwhelming! That’s why I’m going to break down HOW to use Poshmark to BUY and SELL CLOTHES!

Step 1: Create a Poshmark Account and Download the App

Download the Poshmark app in the play store or App Store.

If you’re new, you can enter CALLIE_RICHARDS when you sign up to get a FREE $10 shopping credit off your first order. You don’t have to. You do you. But I mean, its free money so…. (and no this post is not sponsored).

The app will walk you through filling out your profile, so I will spare you the step by step. It’s very easy! Once you have followed the directions, we are ready to start SHOPPING and SELLING!

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How to Get Epic Deals on Poshmark Buying Clothes

The first rule of Poshmark is that it is like a social platform! You can like, comment and even share listings. When you come across a product you think is cool, LIKE IT. This will be important later. LIKING is key to getting great deals.

Don’t forget the EASIEST deal you’ll ever get is using a friend’s name when you sign up to get a free $10 (you can use mine, CALLIE_RICHARDS, if you’d like! or ask a friend).

Search by Category

Since I’m plus size, I know that looking through all the listings on Poshmark would be a waste of my time. Luckily, Poshmark has a great filtering system that allows you to narrow your search just like if you were shopping on a website.

Create Bundles

See something you like from a seller? After you LIKE the listing, head over to their ‘closet’ (this is what Poshmark calls the space where they keep all their listings, like their store or profile). Many sellers will offer automatic discounts on ‘bundles’ of multiple items. For example, in my closet, I offer an automatic 15% discount on bundles of 3 or more items.

You can ‘add listings’ to your bundle WITHOUT BUYING YET. If a seller has multiple items you ‘like’, add them to a bundle (I’ll explain why in a second).

Make Offers

Do not be afraid to make an offer on an item if you think the price is too high. The seller can counteroffer, or simply ignore the offer. No harm, no foul! If there is something you like, it is worth trying to make it work for both of you!

Caution: you do run the risk of a listing selling out if it’s a hot item. If you KNOW you want it, snag it while you can. But if you’re willing to take the risk that somebody else will claim it while you’re waiting to hear back, it can be worth a shot to make an offer.

Why Likes and Bundles are the Secret to Great Deals on Poshmark

LIKES: When you are the seller on Poshmark, you have a set of tools available to you to create ‘secret price drops’ on your listings to get them sold. This means that instead of dropping the price publicly, you can send a PRIVATE offer (at least 10% off, plus reduced shipping) to ONLY those who LIKED your listing!

Remember when I said to like all the listings you may be interested in? You will start getting private offers for discounts on those items! Changed your mind? No problem! Just ignore the offers. But…

If you get an offer on something you really like and its a fair price… SNAG IT FAST. Why? That same offer is sent to EVERYBODY who has liked that listing, at the SAME TIME. Which means speed is key!

BUNDLES:  The same way a seller can issue a private discount to ‘likers’ of a listing, they can view bundles you’ve created with their listings and make you private offers for even FURTHER discounts beyond the automatic bundle promo.

So imagine you found a cute dress listing. You like it, then go check out the seller’s page. They have a bunch of cute stuff in your size! So you ‘like’ three different listings in total, and then add them to your ‘bundle’ and go about your day! Later you may get individual offers for reduced pricing on the ‘liked’ items, or even an offer on the bundle!

Disclosure: just because you ‘like’ a listing does not mean you WILL GET A PRIVATE DISCOUNT. If a seller is not willing to discount, or simply doesn’t send out the promo, or the item sells, you may not get the notification. But it’s worth a shot! Remember: hot items you can’t live without should be purchased asap.

How To Use Poshmark To Sell Clothes and Make Money

The process of listing items in your closet on Poshmark is pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Tap the camera / ‘sell’ icon

Take or upload photos of the item (make sure to include an small details / back shots!)

Describe the item well 

Include as many details as possible

Share your listing! 


How to be a Standout Seller and Get Repeat Business

Just like shopping at a store, if you have a smooth and pleasant experience with a seller, you’re more likely to come back!

There are tons of people making REAL MONEY on Poshmark either selling clothes or ‘flipping’ vintage finds or thrift/secondhand styles. If you want to increase your chances of making some serious cash, here are my top tips.

  1. Take high quality photos and create clear descriptions for your items
  2. Answer inquiries as soon as possible
  3. Join Posh Parties in the app to share listings
  4. Ship quickly and WITH CARE

Best Poshmark Shipping Supplies for Sellers

I ship hundreds of packages every month from various businesses and these are my TOP picks for affordable shipping supplies to get you started!

Clear Protective bags 

Medium Poly Mailers

Large Poly Mailers

You can also get some free shipping supplies for priority mail directly from USPS!

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