Social Distancing: How to Have Fun at Home

Wondering how to have fun at home while we’re all stuck inside? It’s a major bummer when plans get cancelled for any number of reasons: finances, difficulty with certain types of transportation, global health pandemic…you get the idea.

Anyways, while we are all #aloneTogether right now (thanks a lot, Coronavirus), hopefully this post ages well and is handy regardless of why you may be stuck at home! *ps this may contain affiliate links.

So let’s get down to it: how to have fun at home when you feel stuck there!

At-Home Self Care Ideas:

  • Give yourself a mani/pedi: Grab your favorite polish (or check out these awesome ones) and take your time having fun! Don’t forget the remover (THIS one is great) and maybe even a foot bath (I have THIS one)
  • Have a whole spa day! Bath, that hair mask or treatment you’ve been meaning to do, try some of my favorite face masks (like THIS and THIS)
  • Read a new book! If you have the kindle app, I highly recommend the kindle unlimited subscription (first month is free!)
  • Try a video-led yoga or stretching class (try YouTube!)

Let’s Get Crafty

  • Tie dye. Relive your youth AND embrace the trend that is making a MAJOR comeback. Need supplies? Check HERE.
  • Repurpose old/broken costume jewelry into multi-dimensional art
  • Follow a simple painting tutorial on YouTube for an at-home Paint Night! Stream with friends if they are stuck at home too. Need supplies? I like THESE canvases (affordable, for fun, not professional), and you can get affordable BRUSHES and PAINTS here!
  • Learn how to knit with your HANDS! Make a chunky knit blanket with cozy, fluffy YARN, and a video (HERE is one to try!)

Does it Spark Joy?

  • Marie Kondo your house (or maybe start with the junk drawer?)
  • Re-organize and spruce up your closet! I love THESE hanging organizers.
  • Do one task a day you’ve been avoiding (you know those ones that actually only take 11 minutes but we put off for 6 months? yah, one of those)

Entertainment Capital of the World: Your House

Some may want to debate me, but I say entertainment, especially laughter is CRITICAL, especially if you’re bummed your trip is cancelled, or you’re away from friends, or you’re just struggling to find ways to have fun at home! Plus its pretty affordable!

  • Netflix and ______ (cuddle your pet, eat popcorn, whatever!)
  • Find a new series to fall in love with! Or, just rewatch The Office and Friends.
  • Challenge yourself to watch AT LEAST one foreign language film. I promise when you get used to subtitles and/or dubbing, you will discover some of the coolest films and tv shows!
  • Bust out the cards and learn solitaire. If you’re at home with family, get those board games out!

Stimulate the Economy!

Ok, ok I know it sounds crazy but if you were going to spend that money on vacation, maybe now is the time to #treatyoself?

  • Consider shopping from small businesses that can always use our support!
  • Look into a piece of luxury, sustainable, or eco-friendly fashion you’ve been wanting to add to your collection. I love 11 Honore, Madewell, and Reformation!
  • Consider an investment piece you wouldn’t otherwise have splurged on. One of my favorites was this (actually quite affordable) leather jacket.
  • Sell unworn / no longer fitting items on Poshmark! Make some extra cash and help avoid landfills! Use your downtime to clear out space in your closet for your new finds. If you’re new to Poshmark you can sell items you already have and buy things for a great deal. Sign up HERE for some free money on your first purchase! Just use code CALLIE_RICHARDS when you sign up for $10 free!

Learn Something New

  • Visit any of these virtual museums and/or “field trips” to check out places you’ve always wanted to know more about!
  • Take a class on something you’ve been wanting to learn and/or get better at on Skillshare! Here is a code for TWO MONTHS FREE!

Tell me which are your favorite ideas! If you have any others, share them in the comments!

How are YOU going to have fun at home?

Callie Richards

I'm Callie, a Southern California based body-positive fashion and travel blogger who helps women discover style and travel that FITS their bodies and their lifestyles so they can live their best, most authentic lives! I test and then share the products and experiences that respect diversity and inclusiveness so that you can shop and travel with confidence without all the research!

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