How to Get Cash Back Shopping Online

It’s literally no secret that ya girl likes shopping online. But you know what I love even more? Getting cash back shopping online! Coupon codes (yes, please), BOGO, clearance, sales, gift with purchase and COLD HARD CASH

Because the only thing better than a fire coupon code is getting even MORE back in cash money that I can then save to book a trip LOL (read how I do that here).

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get cash back on all your purchases, I GOT YOU FAM! Read on to find out how signing up for this FREE website gets me cash money back from almost all my online purchases (included things to do, like Groupon activities!)

get $10 cash back after you spend $25

How to Get Cash Back Shopping Online

Ok, so like I said it’s SO easy and all you’re gonna have to do is create a free Rakuten account to start getting cash back on your online purchases. But I know what you’re thinking: HOW? WHY? IS THIS LEGIT?

So I’m gonna break it down and put you at ease. And before I get started, I should say that while I’m linking you via my referral link, this is NOT SPONSORED. I am not an affiliate or paid by them to write this post!

How and Why it Works:

When websites ‘refer’ or ‘send’ readers to a retailer’s website, the retailer pays the referring site a commission as a thank you for sending them a customer! This happens anyways, and has been happening in business since long before the internet was the new mall.

Take real estate for example: say you refer a friend to your realtor, and they then decide to sell their home and use your realtor. It’s not uncommon for the referring friend to get a ‘referral’ of actual CASH from the commission that realtor received by selling the home.

So in this case, Rakuten, as the referrer, is simply SHARING that commission with you that they are receiving from the retailer.

Can I Still Use Coupon and Promo Codes?

Yes! That’s the best part! Lots of times if you have one good thing (like cash back) you can’t ALSO have a coupon code! But since everything is done on the backend with Rakuten, you can still use codes! There is actually a web browser extension you can download after you sign up that will not only automatically track your purchases for cash back, it will also find you ALL the best coupon codes for that store!

How Much Cash Back?

That varies by store and by promotion. Some stores are 1% cash back, some (as of today) are 12%. They have different promotions where various stores are temporarily higher (double cash back for example).

Does it Change My Price?

No, you don’t pay more. In fact you may be able to find coupon codes to combine with your cash back on Rakuten that you didn’t know existed. Using a cash back site (Rakuten or any other legitimate site) does not change your price.

When you sign up with this link, you’ll get a BONUS $10 back after you spend your first $25 total at any participating retailers!

If you have any questions, drop them below in the comments! Feel free to save this image to Pinterest for later!

Once you sign up here, let me know how you like getting cash back shopping online!

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