How to Color Your Hair at Home During Quarantine

how to color your hair at home

Got roots? Don’t worry babe, I got you. I’m gonna share my ‘how to color your hair at home during quarantine so that you don’t regret it later’ tips.

Things are wild right now, and even though coloring your hair may not have been priority number one (or even number ten) during the first few weeks of quarantine, if you’re like me, I’m about ready for some self care. And grey coverage.

I finally bit the bullet and tried at home color for the first time since I was below the legal drinking age. OMG I WAS SO PLEASED.

So without further ado, and sparing my fair readers from a six paragraph intro about my questionable hair colors of my past, I present:

How to color your hair at home

Get the good stuff

I have not tried every box color from the drugstore. Nor am I interested. I usually see a professional (a dear friend) for my haircuts , glaze color, and styling. However, given current circumstances, that is not an option.

eSalon enters, with swagger.

Full disclosure: I was gifted this product. However, I was not asked to write this post, nor was I sponsored or paid to do so.

What is it?

Custom home hair color, made by a personal colorist and shipped to your door.”-eSalon

“Five time Allure beauty award winner”-Allure

Your Color Set arrives with step-by-step personalized instructions and everything you need to color at home.”-eSalon

“omg the actual cutest packaging I’ve ever seen” -Me

How much? What comes with it?

Color sets start at $22, However, if it’s your first time, and you use THIS LINK, you’ll pay only $15, which for hair as long as mine is about the same as two bottles of drugstore color. This kit had enough for all my hair.

The color kit IS SO MUCH MORE COMPREHENSIVE than the ‘cheap folded plastic gloves inside the paper instructions’ in box color.

  • Color
  • Developer
  • Brush (if you want to use that for application)
  • Gloves
  • Stain guard (for your skin!)
  • Stain remover (in case there is an OOPS)
  • Shampoo Packet
  • Conditioner Packet

Check out the website here to see all the options!

How to:

Your EXACT instructions will vary based on the color goal you have. Roots only? Roots and ends (like me?) Highlights? Etc. The good news is that personalized, detailed instructions are sent with your kit. They are also available to download on the site from your account.

Choosing your color

The eSalon site makes picking your future color SO FUN AND EASY. I was able to answer their questionnaire with my current color, color goals and more. You can even upload a photo of your current color to help your colorist pick the best one for you.

My colorist was Crystella and I even got a message letting me know that I could reach out if I had any questions. It really is the closest thing I can image to a salon visit when you can’t leave your house.

My Color: Darkest Brown Natural Golden

I went for a Demi-permanent all over color (roots and ends) because thats the most similar to the salon treatment/color I have been getting. How did it turn out?

Two words: HOLY SHINE. Here is a photo the day after coloring and allowing to air dry and then curled lightly. 

There was a special step in the instructions that specified it would help with shine and I am not disappointed!

Save Money on eSalon

When you are coloring your hair at home with your eSalon color kit, you can get FREE SHIPPING over $40 (I highly recommend the leave in conditioner btw!) and if you know you need touch ups on a regular basis you can get 20% off if you set your color to auto ship (although its not required and you can purchase one by one which I love!)

Also, your first kit is just $15 when you use my link, thanks to the eSalon team for sharing that deal with my readers!

how to color your hair at home
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