The Highest Rated Plus Size Swimsuits on Amazon Prime

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Let’s get down to business: shopping for plus size swimsuits is hard.

Given the fact that I live in a warm climate, love the pool, and have already gone on a 12 day Caribbean vacation this year, I get a LOT of questions about plus size swimsuits. I’m happy to report that there are so many more options than there were even five years ago.

However, if you’re like me, there is *something* extra special about a suit that can show up in two days. That’s right friends. I AM A PROCRASTINATOR.

One may think that after dozens of trips and an obsession with fashion that I would be better prepared. Sometimes I am. But mostly I’m not.

Enter my knight in shining armour: Amazon Prime

*heaven opens and cue angels singing*

If you aren’t already familiar with Amazon Prime, I suggest starting HERE so you can read about ALL the benefits. But for the purposes of this article, here is the key feature: FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING on thousands (maybe millions) of items.

I have personally ordered multiple plus size swimsuits on Amazon and have been very pleased. One of my favorite suits of all time was one such purchase. I know that sometimes a girl needs a cute suit, FAST, so this post was born.

Ok, now that you’re PRIMED (lol) lets get down to the criteria. All of the plus size swimsuits featured in this article have:

  • 4 star + rating
  • A minimum of 20 ratings
  • Are eligible for Amazon Prime delivery (free two-day shipping)
  • Are under $50
  • Have a photo of the item on a plus size model

Here we go friends!

I really love how much more diversity we are seeing in terms of design for plus size swimsuits lately. I know there is a long way to come, but I remember being a plus size teen and having ONLY full coverage swim dresses to choose from.

Even from an online retailer like Amazon, we are seeing plus size bikinis, tankinis, one pieces and dresses, which I love!

My best advice would be to look at each style’s size chart and recommendations. They may not be the same as the standard Amazon size chart, so take note. When I go with the brand/style specific size chart I have never had any issues!

I have personally ordered two of these suits and still use them (mixing and matching!). I have had really good experiences ordering plus size swimsuits from Amazon prime, and hope you will too!

Have you ordered any of these? Or another swimsuit from Amazon? Tell us about it in the comments! Share photos if you are comfortable!

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