Free Cute Phone Wallpapers

soft girl phone wallpaper

Looking for free downloads of cute phone wallpapers already cropped to size for your phone or instagram story? Look no further! Whether you like Harry Potter, cats, the beach, LA, or Paris, something for you!

I am sharing my favorites, all made by me!

I know it can be hard to navigate the internet and know which images are ok to use, so don’t worry, if you want to use these you are free to!

Here are my favorite cute phone wallpapers, all free to download!

Collage Wallpapers

These phone wallpapers and backgrounds were designed by me, each intended to capture a feeling, a place, a moment, or a color. From the beach to Paris, these are some of my favorites and I hope you love them!

france paris phone wallpaper
halloween phone wallpaper
Hogwarts Harry Potter phone screensaver wallpaper
collage phone wall paper
collage phone wallpaper background
cat phone wallpaper
tropical beach phone background
phone wallpaper
collage phone wallpaper
water phone wallpaper
soft girl phone wallpaper
la beach Hollywood phone wallpaper

Original Art Phone Wallpaper Textures

If you’re looking for something simple and more abstract, here are some cropped images taken from original art that I created to hang in my home office. They are all neutral, but feel free to use them as you wish!

art phone wallpaper

While totally not required, if you do use them I would love to see! Tag me in your IG stories (these fit perfectly for backgrounds on IG stories too!) Tag me @hotpinkandglitter so I can spread the love!

Have fun, I hope you love them, and tag me in your cute phone wallpapers and/or stories!

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