Finding Your Perfect Fragrance

I have loved all things ‘pretty smelling’ since I was a little girl, so its no wonder I fell in love with fragrance as an adult. Scents can transport us and remind us of things we love. Its our sense of smell, after all, that is most closely tied to memory recall. But with so many choices, how do you find your perfect fragrance? A great perfume is hard to find, but I have hit the JACKPOT and I am so excited to chat about it with you.

“A perfume is your message, your scented slogan” – Maurice Roucel 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I love A LOT of fragrances. In my former jobs, I worked in fragrance for top international brands like Jo Malone, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. However, through both my work and personal connections I came to discover that so many of you are sensitive to perfumes, and have struggled to find ones that work for you. Thats where SKYLAR comes in.

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Imagine being able to discover the best perfume for you from home

Today is your lucky day. The first product I tried from Skylar was the palette that allows you to try, mix, and match all six core fragrances right at home. Cool right?

Long gone are the days of having to roam around the store and try to find a new spot on your arm to try a fragrance, discover you hate it, or can’t tell it apart from the others. Or the other classic option: spraying them on paper scraps that don’t react even close to the way your skin will. So you don’t really know what the perfume will smell like ON YOU.

By letting you test them out at home, the palette gives you plenty of time to discover what you love. PLUS the scents are made to be worn alone OR layered, giving you nearly endless options! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, it comes with a guide of layering suggestions! Plus while the set is $20 PLUS you get a $20 credit towards the full size bottle you end up choosing! So its really like its FREE!

But who is Skylar? What is Skylar? 

Clean, Cruelty Free Fragrance

From the ABOUT page on Skylar:

After working at The Honest Company, I became a lot more aware of everything I put in and on my body. Perfume was no exception, especially since it stays on your skin, all day long.

When I searched for a fragrance that did not contain allergens and harmful chemicals and smelled fresh and sophisticated, I couldn’t find one. That’s what motivated me to create Skylar.

What’s that mean? Hypoallergenic, natural, cruelty free and vegan perfume (and body care products that are to die for).

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My Fragrance Journey

Skylar offers something REALLY cool. Like really, really cool: a risk-free discovery palette that lets you try six fragrances at home before committing.

Isle: Fresh, ocean oasis- really love this one. Very light and universal.

Coral: Fruit-filled happiness – perfect if you love bright and fruity

Arrow: Spicy date essential – this is the ‘sexy’ one for sure! Loved it. Probably my next full size purchase.

Meadow: Floral fantasy- a FULL floral bouquet and one of my top picks for floral lovers like me

Capri: Citrus escape- my go-to hot summer day scent. Transports me to the Italian coast

Willow: Earthy enchantment – I love this one but you really need to love earthy scents. An amazing partner scent to ‘deepen’ sweeter or more floral fragrances

Making My Choice

After trying out all the scents in the palette, I personally decided on Capri. A bright, fresh, sparkling citrus scent. Mind you, it was the middle of summer when I got my palette, and I really loved multiple fragrances. I went with the fresh, summer vibe, but knew I would want to come back for some more floral or spicy options later.

One of my biggest concerns with Skylar was staying power. I was worried that a ‘natural’ Fragrance wouldn’t last all day. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. I have no issues with my fragrance disappearing.

But one bottle wasn’t gonna cut it. I WAS HOOKED.

Skylar Scent Club Review

So after choosing Capri, I was so in love I started to research more products on the Skylar site. I came across their monthly scent club and was instantly intrigued. I LOVE a good subscription and the price was unbelievable (especially since I already had a full size bottle and knew the quality was on point).

For $20 a month ($10 after using my promo code SCENTCLUB10 for 50% 0ff!!!), I would get a perfect travel size roller ball of a new, exclusive fragrance. WHERE DO I SIGN UP

The Perfect Fragrance for Travel + Everyday

I love the size of the rollerballs, the packaging makes them easy to store and identify, and frankly, they smell incredible. Since I travel a lot, my large bottles of fragrance are usually too bulky and stay at home. Now I can bring a few small roller balls with me and they take up as much space as a lipgloss.

I’m awaiting my SIXTH shipment at time of writing with no plan to cancel anytime soon.

Also: this is the ULTIMATE gift subscription idea! How cool would it be to have a gift that keeps on giving every month?

Making Fragrance Part of Self Care

Since I knew how deeply a scent or fragrance could impact our memory or mood, the moment that Skylar launched their body line, I was SO EXCITED.

I have been trying to practice more self care consistently, as well as incorporating small moments into ‘everyday rituals’ that can add some ‘me time’. The ability to incorporate my favorite scents into shower and skincare was PERFECT.

When the time came to snag my body duo from Skylar (definitely get the set, you save a bunch of money!) I went back to my scent palette where it all started. It was nearly fall and I was ready to try one of the scents I had loved but had yet to purchase: Meadow

a bottle of skylar body wash and body lotion in meadow in front of a rose bush

Making Me Time Out of Everyday Moments

Using the wash and lotion has been amazing. CONSISTENT self care isn’t easy. At least not for some of us. And while self care can look like face masks and pedicures and massages, sometimes neither time nor finances allow for those things.

Last year, with the help of my Facebook VIP Shopping community, I wrote a list of free or almost free ways to practice self care. Since most of us will be needed items like body wash and lotion anyways, adding in a luxurious, clean, non-toxic fragrance experience transforms it into a ‘moment for me’.

I cannot wait to see what products they release next!

How to Find YOUR Perfect Fragrance

Step One: Order your Skylar sample kit

Step Two: Test out all six fragrances, and try some mixing!

  • spray on clean skin
  • allow fragrances to settle before your final verdict
  • layer fragrances using the guide (or your own imagination) for more variety
  • ask a friend to smell it after an hour or so! we start to go noseblind and they can tell you what they think (if you’re interested in their thoughts!)

Step Three: Use the $20 credit from your sample kit to order your first full size bottle!

Step Four (Optional but my personal obsession): Sign up for Scent Club to start your travel size library (and give you amazing options for mixing and matching with your full size bottle). Inside every Scent Club box there are layering suggestions for that month’s scent + the six core fragrances!

Step Five: Walk around smelling amazing and feeling great!

I hope that you tell me which Skylar scent ends up being your perfect fragrance! I would also love to hear from you about any of the body products you try!

PS. don’t forget to use SCENTCLUB10 to get your first month of scent club for only $10!!!

Callie Richards

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