My Favorite Travel Items on Amazon Prime

travel items amazon prime

My Favorite Travel Items on Amazon Prime

Looking for ways to make your next trip EXTRA dreamy?  I truly believe that with just a few products you can take your trip from blah to YASSS!

I’ve compiled a short list of some of my all-time favorite things to make travel a little bit easier and more enjoyable. From packing to in-flight, these must- have travel items on Amazon Prime range from under $20 to real splurges if you’re looking to #treatyoself ! And the best part is that all of these items are available (at time of writing) on Amazon Prime. All my fellow procrastinators rejoice!

So, here we go! Just tap the photos of each item to shop directly from Amazon. Post contains affiliate links.

Moment makes one of my favorite pieces of travel equipment (stay tuned for that next), but to use it you'll need this case. Luckily its super chic and durable in its own right.
Moment creates a series of DSLR quality lenses for your mobile phones that will SERIOUSLY upgrade your photos. The Moment app can be used with the lens to allow you to shoot in RAW format on your phone, making editing even more precise later.
A good hard-sided suitcase (or two) will save you and your valuables from a lot of hassle. And they don't need to cost thousands. This 2 piece set is under $100, and the color is both chic and easy to spot on the baggage claim.
There's nothing worse than falling asleep while traveling and waking up with a stiff neck. Except maybe not sleeping at all. A supportive travel pillow and an eye mask could make all the difference. I like the height and support this pillow gives, especially on long flights.
Long haul flight ahead? Look into a pair of compression stockings/ socks like these. They help promote circulation and recovery.
Combat in-flight and jet lag-induced dehydration with these single use eye patches. My already-dry skin gets extremely dry when traveling, and masks help balance me out and keep me looking photo ready.
Go all KonMari on your next packing day and use packing cubes. They not only help you pack more by utilizing every inch of their rectangular design, the slight compression you get from them helps you maximize your suitcase space.
Traveling abroad? A power adapter is essential! This one has a surge protector built in, works in multiple countries, and has two USB ports too.
Save money and maintain your routine but using reusable travel size containers for toiletries. Fill each one with your favorite face creams, shampoos, and lotions, instead of buying minis for every trip.

Want more? Check out the full list of travel items on Amazon Prime up on my Amazon storefront now! There are also some other lists you can check out like gift guides and accessories!

Let me know what your favorite travel items on amazon prime are in the comments so I can test some new ones out! If you order something let me know what you think! You can also head over to this Pin to see what my carry-on packing list looks like!

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you choose to use them to shop. This helps to keep the blog running and you are never obligated to use them, of course.

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