Where to Eat in London

My Favorite Places to Eat in London

After an awesome trip last year with maman (my mom) to London and Paris, I have finally gathered up all my photos and put together a list of my favorite places to eat in London! I would love to hear your recommendations as well! Tell us your favorite places to eat in London in the comments.



Royal Quarter Cafe

This adorable little quick service cafe was just near our hotel (the Conrad St James) and within walking distance. We felt like with a full week we got pretty familiar with our little ‘neighborhood’ and walked about a good bit. While there were a lot of commuters in the morning bustling back and forth to work, this little gem was a nice treat to find for a perfect breakfast that wasn’t overly priced.

The benedicts and pastries were delicious. They had a great selection of treats that could be taken to-go. The vibe was relaxed and not stuffy. 

Dominique Ansel

The brand behind the world’s beloved ‘cronut’ was no disappointment in London! Located near Victoria Station, the London location had all kinds of special treats, but for an early morning stroll (jet lag) a limited rhubarb cronut was perfect! 

Cellarium Cafe + Terrace

The Cellarium, located inside Westminster Abbey, was a fine treat that we probably would have NEVER discovered if not for the amazing staff at the Conrad St. James. I had no clue that just steps from our hotel was a cool, hip, minimalist cafe!
The Cellarium is literally set inside the church, you walk through centuries-old cloisters to get there. The menu is simple, but affordable. The ambiance is just too cool. No fancy decor or white tablecloths, but I think the spartan style gives it a hip vibe that everybody can appreciate. 
You can make reservations here. 


Borough Market

Probably one of the coolest permanent outdoor markets I’ve been to, and one of London’s most beloved spots, Borough Market is situation just a few steps from London Bridge, and tucked under some railroad tracks, the ambiance just can’t be beat. 
Stalls have everything you need for a local-esque lunch or picnic. From hot sandwiches made fresh to order (we loved the chorizo one!) to giant wheels of cheese, you can probably find it here. 
If you are spending a little more time in London I suggest stocking up on some amazing fresh foods to keep at your airBnB!

Zia Teresa

Zia Teresa was an almost accidental find for us, and although the Knightsbridge neighborhood can get a little touristy thanks to its VERY famous tenant (cough * Harrods * cough), I am so glad we found this little Italian restaurant. 
The food was a nice change from the dishes typically seen at home (USA) and it was close to all the shopping your heart could ever desire. A girl needs her fuel, right? 


Champage + Fromage

Ok, so you HAVE to have afternoon tea while you’re in London, right? 
I personally need to have tea as many times as humanly possible
They were all really great (honorable mention to the Royal Horseguards for a really lovely and more ‘traditional’ vibe), but a friend in Paris who used to live in London recommended Champagne + Fromage to me, and I will be eternally grateful.
I love cheese AND champagne, so this was really a home run for me. 
The adorable shop is located not far from Covent Garden and has an afternoon tea with some unexpected delights! All the cheese your heart could desire PLUS some classic sweet treats for your tea. I couldn’t ask for more!
You must make sure to take advantage of the shop for awesome photo ops as well!


Duck and Waffle

Ok, dear friends. I have saved the best and MOST EPIC place to eat in London for last. 
So here is a little backstory about how we discovered this fine establishment:
Maman and I arrived in London from Los Angeles. For those unfamiliar with that flight, its about 10-11 hours and there is an eight hour time difference. We had jet lag something fierce. We fell asleep at about 5:30pm and woke up WIDE AWAKE our first ‘night’ at 1:30am. 
I knew from living in Paris that not much in Europe would be open at that hour, so I went online and looked up “24 hour restaurants London”. Duck and Waffle came up. I thought “why not?”

The Experience

We found out when we arrived that this was ‘the’ place to eat in London at 3am and we did not have a reservation. As a result, there was quite a line. We were dressed, still wide awake, with still nothing to eat, so we waited in line for about an hour. 
The restaurant itself is located sky high at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the city, so it’s accessed by a speed elevator attached to the OUTSIDE of the building that races up at ungodly speeds. Once you arrive, you dine inside what essentially feels like a giant glass box (floor to ceiling windows) that look out over all of London. 
We were lucky enough to have a window table that nearly gave me a heart attack.
The amazing views and unparalleled location isn’t the end of your Duck and Waffle experience: the food is EXCEPTIONAL. 
I was shocked, to be honest. They could serve frozen chicken nuggets and canned beans and probably sell out given the views/ hours / decor/ instagram-ability of the joint. But no. Their menu is AMAZING. I vote you try everything. We had the banana foster waffle for dessert and I had the eggs en coquette. Maman had the sausage and avocado scramble (the precise name escapes me). 
It does book up VERY far in advance and I suggest making a reservation to avoid waiting outside like we did. Check them out here


I hope you enjoyed this list and find some of it useful the next time you are planning a trip to London!

Drop your favorite places to eat in London in the comments! You can also ask any questions about any of the places we went to!

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