Fall Style: The Versatile Piece You Need

I love a versatile piece. Who doesn’t. When it comes to fall style, one of the best things are the layering possibilities. I love the look of a well-thought out and cozy ensemble. But ALSO: who has time for that? Not me. Luckily one of my favorite ways to upgrade my fall style looks easily is by following something called the ‘rule of three’. Let me explain…

Use often by visual merchandisers, stylists, and even part of the dress code in many designer retail shops ( I know from experience ), the rule of three adds dimension to simple looks. Example: pieces one and two might be your jeans and top. The third piece could be a chunky scarf, a kimono, a blazer, or even a statement accessory. It really pulls a look together, I promise!

But…it gets better. I think I’ve found my new FAVORITE third piece for this fall / winter. This shawl/ruana/poncho/scarf combo that pulls TRIPLE DUTY for your fall style. Lets look at the three ways I styled this piece (its under $40 from Starfall, btw) and you can use my code HOTPINK for 10% off!

As a Fall Shawl / Wrap

I kept the ruana folded in half, lengthwise for this and just wrapped it as a shawl. The fringed all lays on one side so it looks adorable and boho. I think this is also a little bit dressier and could work for date night, etc.

It would also be adorable closed with a pin or brooch so you could add some pizzazz and personality to the style that way also!

Oh and you’ll see that I kept it simple when I snapped these photos and wore my FAVE basic white tee and some denim. Just to show how it elevates a simple look. But, by all means, you can totally wear this with other styles and prints.

As a Fall Style Chunky Scarf

Keeping the wrap fold in place, just style the piece as you would a scarf! The fringe, once again, adds an adorable boho chic flair that I love! I just wrapped it all the way around, but you could do a pull through scarf style as well.

The material is definitely warm enough for winter but light enough to wear as a scarf over a sweater without suffocating.

tan fringed scarf

As a Ruana

Like I mentioned, similar to a poncho, a Ruana has these amazing open sides I love! They make it easy to fit any shape or size.

It also gives you the chance to show off the layering piece you’re wearing under it. I think an easy way to dress this look up and make it even work-appropriate would be to belt it, creating a sort of vested look!

I am really trying to edit my closet as I have SO many clothes. I also need to think about travel when I shop, so finding pieces that work in multiple ways is important. Another point: I love that this is so neutral and I could wear it over and over again without all the photos looking the same!

Did you enjoy seeing this item styled three different ways? I sure hope so! Its definitely a new favorite of mine! Make sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook when you post photos of you in yours so that I can see how you style the same piece!

Don’t forget you can use code HOTPINK for 10% at Starfall!

Callie Richards

I'm Callie, a Southern California based body-positive fashion and travel blogger who helps women discover style and travel that FITS their bodies and their lifestyles so they can live their best, most authentic lives! I test and then share the products and experiences that respect diversity and inclusiveness so that you can shop and travel with confidence without all the research!