Your New Fairy Godmother: The Bra Lady

Bra Lady Brittany Outlaw

Are you a cup half-full or half-empty kinda gal? How about a cup runneth over gal? Yah, that’s right ladies. I’m talking about your bra size.

Read on to find out how I stopped hating bras and found ones that fit. Over a text message.

I know about three women who LOVE shopping for bras or wearing bras or even know their bra size. Bras are a pain to shop for, hard to find the perfect fit, and usually we are ripping them off by the end of the day.

I’ve been wearing a bra for 20 years now and I just didn’t see it getting any better anytime soon. I had literally worked in the lingerie department, and despite my love for bright colors, lace, embellishments and all things ‘extra’, I was still eager to take a bra off at the end of the day, sooner if possible. Until recently.

*Insert Fairy Godmother Floating in Here*

Brittany (aka The Bra Lady) and I actually connected on Instagram. She was interested in a collaborating and sending me some bras to try and review. I checked out her profile, and immediately fell in love with the inclusive vibe and diverse photos. This wasn’t your average ‘lingerie’ account. I told her I would love to work together, but that all opinions are my own and I would have to be honest. She wasn’t phased and we got down to business!

First thing was a ‘virtual fitting’ which took place via text message. YES. Text message. Can I get an amen for not having to go to the mall? She also made herself available via phone or face-time, but text was perfect for me. So, I followed her instructions and sent her my measurements. It took a whole 10 minutes, maybe? She then asked me some questions about the bras I had, the problems I had with them (gaps at the top of the cups, needed smoothing, LIFT, etc). Based on this information and her bra fairy voodoo, she was able to recommend a couple of different bra styles and sizes.

To say I was skeptical was an understatement. Not only were they still BRAS aka evil torture devices, they were FIT OVER TEXT. But alas, I waited for them to arrive.

Holy macaroni you guys! They were AMAZING. The bras arrived in the mail and I was immediately surprised by the feel and quality. The fit was amazing! So, I wore my first one on a full day in downtown LA for work, which meant 4 hours in the car, and lots of walking around and shopping for our Center Stage Style Subscription Box. The girls were kept up high (yay!), no gaps in the cups, and no tugging and pulling. I couldn’t WAIT to share a photo on IG and tell everybody what I thought.

The best part was I really felt my clothes looked better. Brittany was on to something and I had to share more. So here we are, with a dedicated blog post and interview with the lady, the myth, the legend herself!

I asked The Bra Lady some questions to help give you guys some more information:

bra sizing tipsCallie: What do you think the biggest issue is right now for women when shopping for undergarments?

Bra Lady: Years ago, you could walk into any department store and get properly fitted for a bra. That’s become a thing of the past and many ladies do their shopping online. This leads to 8/10 being in the wrong size and over 90% wearing their bra incorrectly.

Callie: What’s the biggest complaint you get from customers about bras?

Bra Lady: UNDERWIRE! I hear it all the time. There are two things that cause underwire pain: the wrong size and the shape of the underwire.

Callie: When women start wearing the right size bra, what kind of feedback do you hear from them?

Bra Lady: I often hear form women that people are asking them if they’ve lost weight. They haven’t, but a properly fit bra can make you look 10lbs thinner. One lady said how amazed she was that just changing the size and style of her bra has made her clothes fit differently.

Callie: How long should a bra last?

Bra Lady: A quality bra is good for about 120 wears. Rotating a minimum of three will help you get the best life out of them. Remember, your bra should never celebrate a birthday.

bra sizing

Callie: What are your Bra/undergarment care tips?

Bra Lady: Never wear the same bra two days in a row. Doing this causes your bra and the elastics in it to wear out more quickly. Give it a day to rest. Wash in a lingerie bag and in cold water to avoid damaging your intimates. Never put your bra in the dryer and don’t hang to dry. Simply lay flat on a counter or flat surface. Take care of your bra and it will take care of you!

Callie: Your favorite or most essential undergarments?

Bra Lady: I could not live without my Abbie Bra and Essential Bodywrap. The Abbie Bra offers both life and support for my 38H bust and looks great seamless under everything. As for my bodywrap, it harnesses my curves while smoothing from my bra to my thighs. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps me cool even on hot summer days and you can forget about “chub rub” when you’ve got it on.

Callie: What are signs you’re wearing the wrong bra size?

Bra Lady: If you’re tugging on your bra throughout the day, straps that slip off your shoulders, the band riding up the back and the wire coming up off your rib cage when you lift your arms. These are all signs of the wrong size bra or one that’s past its birthday. Other signs could include ‘boob bubble’ at the top of your cup, or a gap in the cup.

Callie: What’s the best way to find your bra size?

Bra Lady: The best way to find your size is to contact an Essential Bodywear fit specialist, or as my clients call me “The Bra Lady”. Virtual fittings make bra shopping convenient and easy. It’s the perfect solution for busy women. A trained bra fitter can also help determine the right bra style for your body time and frame size. This can never be replaced by an online calculator.


About Brittany “The Bra Lady” Outlaw

Bra Lady Brittany Outlaw

In 2009 I joined Essential Bodywear because I fell in love with the products. Cinderella is proof that a shoe can change your life and I am proof that a bra can do the same. Nearly 10 years later I have a career that I love-offering not only uplifting career opportunities to ladies everywhere, but a product that every woman needs with the attention that she deserves. -Brittany

You can also follow Brittany on Instagram and Facebook!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to note that while the bras I tried were gifted to me as part of a collaboration with Brittany, this blog post was not part of our agreement. I loved the products so much that I decided to write this and interview her afterwards. I know how miserable bras can be and I wanted to share what had worked for me with our Hot Pink and Glitter readers.

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