Everything We Know About the Taco Bell Hotel

*in Robin Leach voice* “It’s Baja Blast Wishes and Crunchwrap Dreams here at the Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs!” Ok, he didn’t say that. But it definitely played through my head when my husband told me that Taco Bell was going to have a pop-up resort in the desert for a few days. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he meant he would remember when reservations were opening and actually get us one.

I mean, I myself am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of burritos and gorditas. Growing up in California, Taco Bell has always been an iconic pop-culture reference. From their 90s campaigns featuring a beloved chihuahua declaring that ‘yo quiero Taco Bell’, to living in Vegas when they opened their Cantina/Wedding Chapel on the strip.

So for those of you who were lucky enough to score a room in the TWO MINUTES before they sold out, and for those of you who didn’t get one, and want to live vicariously through the Instagram snaps of every limited-edition Baja Blast cocktail, here is what we know about what’s gonna go down in the desert.

inside view of taco bell hotel room with sauce packet pillow and taco bell painted wall

Welcome to THE BELL

The official name for the pop-up hotel is “The Bell”, according to the official Taco Bell website. The Bell will be taking over a boutique property called V Palm Springs. The approximately 70 rooms are going to be transformed, spiced up, if you will, to bring the Taco Bell heat.

The reservations for the event sold out in an astonishing two minutes, and rumor has it that there will be tight security during the event to make sure the property isn’t overrun with people trying to sneak into the fiesta.

avocado toast on slate board with taco bell hot sauce

Exclusive Taco Bell Hotel Menu

We have recently been teased with some sneak peeks of the menu for the hotel. A build your own breakfast taco bar, avocado toast, and even a club sandwich have made the cut.

If you won’t be at the hotel, don’t dispair. Taco Bell has released the recipe for the exclusive chilaquiles that will be at the resort, so you can make them at home.

frozen baja blast with sprinkles

The Taco Bell Hotel will apparently also feature new and exclusive ways to enjoy their fan-favorite Baja Blast. Including one very special birthday-themed beverage. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the drink’s debut at Taco Bell, they’ve created a frozen Baja Blast Birthday Freeze. I’ve also heard rumors there will be alcoholic versions available.

Photo credit: Food and Wine

Taco Bell Style

Want to get fully decked out in theme? The on-site gift shop will have exclusive Taco Bell merch. I’m thinking sauce-packet inspired towels and swimwear will be making an appearance.

We don’t know everything that will go down at the hotel. However, Taco Bell has promised some epic pool parties, and ‘dive-in’ movies at night. There are also rumors of ‘surprise performers’. I do know I will be sharing it ALL as it unfolds on my Instagram stories. I’ll also make sure to come back to the blog and recap everything for you guys!

Have FOMO? Don’t worry! Taco Bell published a list of how to ease the pain of missing out.

What do you want to see from inside the hotel? Tell me in the comments and I’ll try to make sure to document and share all the details you care about most!!!

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