The Only Road Trip Playlist You Need

So you’re getting ready to get ‘on the road again’? (Pun fully intended). I think we can all agree that a great playlist on the stereo can make all the difference when it comes to long car rides. Which is exactly why I’ve created the ultimate road trip playlist on Spotify! It’s available to anybody to listen to or use, so I hope you enjoy!

How did I choose the songs, you ask? Well, I didn’t choose them alone! That’s right! This here is a community-generated playlist. I definitely added in some of my own personal favorites, as well as classic and beloved jams, but it was made by our community! We asked our friends on Instagram to share their FAVE road trip jams and they came through HARD!

Tell me what you think!

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

As you can see, the road trip playlist covers everything from ‘oldies’ like the Beach Boys to classic rock from the Eagles, 80s anthems to current radio hits. I love that the suggestions from our community spanned so many genres. There is bound to be something on the playlist for everybody!

At time of writing, the playlist is just over six hours if played non-stop, which should make for some great variety before you hear any repeats! Thank you SO MUCH to all of my readers and Insta-fam that collab’d with me to create this list!

So there you have it! Pretty dope right? The playlist could be updated at any time if we find new songs to add or get community suggestions from readers like you!

So make sure to include your suggestions in the comments here and we may add YOUR favorite road trip song to the playlist!

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Callie Richards

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