#DIY: How to Bleach Tie Dye Sweats

Looking for a fun DIY project that won’t break the bank? I have had so much fun trying out something called REVERSE TIE DYE. Basically I am using bleach to tie dye a sweatsuit!

The look is really on trend (as luck would have it) and I have seen them being sold by various makers and brands for anywhere from $60-115. Luckily for you, you can make your own at home for about $25 (less if you have some basics on hand like bleach and rubberbands).

The project is VERY easy, but takes a little time (at time of writing I, along with all of California, is under stay at home orders – thanks Corona- so time I have).

Please be careful as you are using undiluted BLEACH. You need to have a well ventilated space, wear clothes you don’t care about ruining and use gloves. If you aren’t sure how to proceed with bleach, look it up on the internet and come back when you’re prepared.

Ready? Read up? Ok awesome, let’s make some bleach tie dye sweats.

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How to Make Your Reverse Tie Dye Sweat Suit

  1. make sure you have all your supplies and are in a well ventilated area.
  2. SOAK your sweats/top etc. with water and then wring out about 50%
  3. get wild with those rubber bands. I made a spiral design on my first set and did diagonal pleats on my second (shown later) but you can’t mess this up. Just make sure you have enough of the fabric tied so that you aren’t bleaching the whole thing (or do, whatever, its your craft and you can’t ruin it!)
  4. Once your rubber bands are secure and tight, place your clothing on a surface you cant ruin. I suggest a plastic bag on concrete, but you do you, boo.
  5. SPRAAAAAY the bleach. Have fun! Spray, spray, spray that bleach. Then flip it over and spray the other side. Get the edges too!
  6. Let it chill. How long? Depends on the color you want. The black sweats I used and recommend will never get white. You can get anywhere from ‘darkest brown’ to medium taupe. The first photo of me is a set that sat for about 20-ish minutes. I later did a set for an hour (at the bottom). Your choice! In my experience, after a couple hours, that’s as light as its ever gonna get.
  7. CAREFULLY take your items and rinse them off. They are soaked in bleach, remember. I personally used a shower. While they are in there, cut/remove the rubber bands.
  8. Once you are pretty sure you got all the bleach off them, WASH AND DRY THEM with detergent ALONE! You don’t want any rogue bleach damaging your stuff.
  9. Wear them, enjoy them, take photos and make sure to tag me in them.

Need a Video?

Are you more of a video tutorial person? Well I got you! I made a super fast (literally 12 seconds long) video on Tiktok showing this DIY in action. You can watch it HERE.

I tried a second set to see what different patterns and colors I could make. This is a photo from my instagram story right after I dried the second set.

You can see its much lighter and more like a taupe/grey color. For this second set, I left the bleach on for just over an hour. Additionally, I also folded it differently so the lines were more diagonal and less spiral. I love both sets equally!

I seriously hope you try this DIY if you are able to! Make sure to tag me when you do so I can hype you up!

If you want to see more stuff I’m doing in quarantine, come hang out with me on Tiktok or instagram !

Tell me in the comments if you try to bleach tie dye sweats (or anything else) and how it turns out!

how to bleach tie dye sweats
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