Body Positive Bali Trip: Travel with Me!

I almost cannot believe I am saying this, but… I’m hosting a trip to BALI! Surreal, right? After many years of loving travel, and sharing my trips, we are going to go TOGETHER! And I am so excited to get to meet you in real life and make the most amazing memories in such a magical place!

So, let’s talk about this body positive Bali trip and all we are gonna do, so you can sign up and come already!

What does a body positive Bali trip look like?


2022: Jun 15 – Jun 21

First off, I’m partnering with a well-known travel company to host this trip, so don’t worry, we have professionals helping us! Secondly, I went through and personally checked out the trip activities and adjusted them to make them as inclusive as possible.

I wanted this trip to be a body positive, and welcoming environment, specifically for my fellow plus size travelers. That meant looking for opportunities to replace some activities with things I thought would be more universally appreciated!

How it works

Signing up for the trip is super simple! You just go to the trip page HERE, and holding your spot only requires a 25% deposit! The balance is due 60 days before our trip. Easy, peasy!

Who will you be traveling with?

Well, me, of course! I will make sure to arrive a whole day before everybody else so that I am there to greet you as you arrive in Bali! Regardless of when you land, somebody (cough *me) will be ready and excited to meet you!

The rest of our group (this is a small group tour so there is a max of 20 people) will join us on day 1! The travelers are from all walks of life, all over the country, and a WIDE range of ages. But we all have some things in common: we want to travel, we want to be in a judgement free and accommodating environment, and we are body positive!

We will also have some HAPPY HOUR ZOOMS scheduled leading up to our trip, so you can get to ‘know’ your new friends a little better before we get there!

What will we do in Bali?

Activities Included

  •  Group Photoshoot
  •  Tirta Empul Visit
  •  Gunung Kawi Temple Complex Tour
  •  Kanto Lampo Waterfall Visit
  •  Coffee Brewing Workshop
  •  Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  •  Rumah Desa Daily Life & Farming Experience
  •  Balinese Cooking Class
  •  Balinese Massage and Spa

I cannot wait to meet you in person and explore Bali together!

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Callie Richards

I'm Callie, a Southern California based body-positive fashion and travel blogger who helps women discover style and travel that FITS their bodies and their lifestyles so they can live their best, most authentic lives! I test and then share the products and experiences that respect diversity and inclusiveness so that you can shop and travel with confidence without all the research!

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