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plus size confetti sweater distressed with frayed hem

I have been especially in love with sweaters this year, and it’s no mystery to me why. Finding plus size sweaters I loved in the past wasn’t easy. In my experience the selection of plus size sweaters at department stores and the mall was matronly or boring. NOT THIS YEAR!

Finding the Best Plus Size Sweaters

There are a LOT of amazing sweaters out there (finally!), but I’ve narrowed it down to 15 of my favorites from one of my favorite plus size boutiques. If you want to see even MORE of my favorite plus size styles, feel free to check out my LTK page or my posts on fall fashion, my favorite online plus size boutiques or wide calf boots.

I personally own SEVERAL of the sweaters I’ve included in this roundup, but I also added a few I would love TO HAVE. Most all of the styles go up to a 3xl (some may stop at an XL, which according to their fit guidelines may still fit up to a 16/18.)

Plus Size Sweater Trends

In addition to trying to select a lot of different and diverse styles of sweaters, I think that these are really in line with some trends we have been seeing for a while! I love looking at what’s new and fresh in terms of plus size style, but also take into consideration what will realistically work for me for many seasons to come! Here are some of the trends these plus size sweaters cover!

Updated Animal Prints

Classic Chic

Boho Detailing

Edgy Rock n Roll


I am personally really loving a few of these trends myself. Ponchos have been a personal favorite for a long time and this year we are seeing more and more of them! They are an easy way to really pull a look together and elevate your whole outfit! I also love a boho moment and an edgy look, so I am really glad to see some distressed options and fringed pieces as well.

Exclusive Reader Discount for these Plus Size Sweaters

If you’ve been following along for a while, you may already know, but just in case, I have a discount code for you for these sweaters! You can enter code HOTPINK at checkout to save some moolah on your order!

Best part? Doesn’t matter if this is your first purchase or your fifth! The code will still work, at least at time of writing! Head over to the website and feel free to use it on anything you find (not just sweaters!)

I would love to hear from you in the comments about your favorite plus size sweaters!

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