Balancing Act: Juggling Business, Family and Fun with Mary Pendleton

Hi guys! Callie here with a quick intro for this super exciting piece! This is the first of many guest posts from amazing women around the world who kindly volunteered to share their knowledge and stories with us! First up, read on to hear how Mary Pendleton adjusted her life and work to meet her needs and how she continues to perform the work/life balancing act. Enjoy!

balancing act

Balancing Act by Mary Pendleton

If you’re anything like me, you’re in a constant struggle to balance your family, your work, and your personal life.  I’m living that 1-2-3 life… one husband, two businesses and three kids! Yes it’s a ton of work but it’s all so life-fulfilling. So much so that I figured out a way to make it work for myself and our family.

Before I had kids, I worked 9-5 at a lovely environmental nonprofit here in San Francisco. It was so amazing! When my first was born I had to juggle a bit, when my second was born I juggled a LOT and when I got pregnant for the third time I said WOAH NELLIE and reinvented my entire life.  Working a traditional job and caring for three kids is just so challenging! 

Here are three tips I learned during my last 2 years of re-crafting my life:

  1. I’m the boss! Yep – I really needed autonomy in my life, so that I could work random hours that fit with my hectic schedule.  I needed no one to depend on me, other than my children, and I needed to stop asking for permission to do things my own way. So I decided to be my own boss and take charge of my life!
  2. I’m light on my feet.  I found an income source that doesn’t depend on physical space, or if it does, one that can be accessed from anywhere.  One of my businesses is a LuLaRoe retail boutique. Yes I have physical inventory. But I can also easily sell from one of my associate’s shops anywhere across the country.  So when my family and I decide to up and go on a trip, I can still work from wherever we go! I also work as a social media manager. All I need for this is my phone, and occasionally my laptop.  For a busy mom like me, who has way too much time spent sitting in my car with a napping child, this is the perfect gig!
  3. Ask yourself… what would my higher self do?  Get really deep considering how far you can go, and how amazing you can be… and then, just decide to start being that person right this very moment. The only thing stopping you is you!

finding balance in work and lifeOkay, so being my own boss is amazing but it also comes with some challenges… am I always my best employee? Heck no!

One of the best tools I’ve found to keep myself on task (when I’m constantly being pulled in a million directions) is an app called TeuxDeux.  It’s a super simple To Do app. By jotting down tasks there as I go, I’m able to free up some space in my brain and get back to my family, or cooking dinner, or whatever I’m doing at the moment.  

I love it because you can set certain tasks up as recurring daily, weekly, or monthly.  So for example, I have 5 Instagram accounts that I post on every day. They’re set on my app as daily tasks, and I cross them off every day as I post to them.  Every Wednesday I need to remember to pay myself… yep, it’s set as a weekly task that comes up on Wednesdays. I currently need to record the next unit for my Instagram e-course… I keep putting it off, so it rolls over to the next day.  It’s on my list for today and I hope I get to it, but if not, it’ll be on my list for tomorrow!

Are you in need of a life reinvention?  We’re brought up thinking inside the box, but there are so many ways to get creative and live a life better than you’ve ever dreamed!  Follow my journey at @lovemarypendleton on Instagram and let me know if you need any more advice!

About Mary

Mary Pendleton is a social media manager and LuLaRoe retailer in San Francisco, CA. Her kids are 7, 3, and 1 year old, it’s a lot to juggle in a small space but she loves it! With degrees in Art History and Non Profit Management, she loves finding ways to use beauty to make the world a better place.

I hope you guys loved hearing from Mary as much as I did! The work/life balancing act is certainly something that I know I struggle with daily, and most women I know are in the same boat. Oh, and if you’re looking for more ways to stay motivated, check out the other posts on the blog under #motivationmonday! You can also pin the image below to save and share this story! xox, Callie

balancing act: work life balance

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