23 Free (or almost free) Ways to Practice Self Care

23 Free (or almost free) Ways to Practice Self Care

This weeks live episode of our #MotivationMonday series talked about ways to practice self care that wouldn’t break the bank. Our community members discussed and submitted some wonderful ideas!


Tell us yours in the comments!

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Light a scented candle
  4. Meditate
  5. Unplug: turn off computers/tv/phones and allow yourself quiet time
  6. Call a friend and have a chat
  7. Take a nap
  8. Do a face mask
  9. Diffuse essential oils
  10. Color in a coloring book
  11. Listen to your favorite music.
  12. Invite a friend over to hang out
  13. Go to the park or just get outside to get some fresh air
  14. Sleep in
  15. Make yourself your favorite meal
  16. Create a gratitude journal and write down things you’re grateful for
  17. Laugh: watch funny videos, read comics, anything to get you giggling
  18. Spend time with your pet (or a friend’s pet!)
  19. Help somebody randomly (it’s good for your soul)
  20. Take yourself on a solo-date
  21. Do a mini de-clutter of one area (hello zen!)
  22. Go through your social media accounts and unfollow negative profiles. Update notifications for inspiring accounts/friends/brands that give good vibes. Fill your feed with positivity
  23. Read a book for fun

I hope that you enjoyed these ideas that our community shared. How do you like to practice self care? Tell us below in the comments!

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