I love a versatile piece. Who doesn't. When it comes to fall style, one of the best things are the layering possibilities. I love the look of a well-thought out and cozy ensemble. But ALSO: who has time for that? Not me. Luckily one of my favorite ways to upgrade my fall style looks easily is by following something called the 'rule of three'. Let me explain... Use often by visual merchandisers, stylists, and even part of the dress code in many designer retail shops ( I know from experience

My Top Plus Size Fall Fashion Picks from Starfall

aerial view of fall trees
Its no secret I love shopping and clothes, but it isn't always easy when you're plus size. That's why I am so in love with being able to find so many amazing things in my size now from Starfall. If you've been following along as the brand launched, you may have seen my try on hauls on Instagram! Here is this fall fashion haul video below! You can also scroll down to see some individual photos and my thoughts on fit, trends, and more. PLUS read to the end for

Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger Pop-Up

90s kids rejoice. You can now visit a pop-up version of Good Burger. Yes, the home of the Good Burger. From now until the end of 2019, an unassuming location in a strip-mall in West Hollywood has been transformed. Complete with an All That graffiti garage door, a strawberry shake machine, and a wave of orange soda. Read on to find out if the Good Burger is REALLY that good. In case you are thinking of going, or if you just want to re-live your 90s childhood vicariously through photos,
The rooms sold out in under two minutes. Twitter was freaking out. Everybody was talking about it: The Taco Bell Hotel. But what was the experience REALLY like for those few who managed to snag a spot at THE BELL? Well, we went! And I'm here to spill the tea on what it was like on the inside! If you're just finding out now, a few months ago, Taco Bell announced its plans to debut a pop-up (temporary) hotel and resort in Palm Springs this summer. For four nights in
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