Plus Size Fall Denim Trends with rue21

Sponsored Post with rue21 This may be controversial, but I have to say it: fall is the best season. I know, I know, all of my friends reading this in places with wet falls (and cold winters) are rolling their eyes. But for us Californians, summer can become SO hot and seem to stretch on endlessly. So, fall is a WELCOME treat with cooler days. ALSO: I JUST THINK FALL/WINTER FASHION IS SO GOOD. So many layers. So many options. So much denim! Recently, I partnered with rue21 to try

Plus Size Halloween Outfits

Plus Size Halloween Outfits don't have to be scary to shop for! Spooky babes, assemble! If you are a fellow fall/halloween loving fashionista like myself, you're in the right spot! This list of stores with both fashion and costumes that come in PLUS SIZE is for you! There is nothing worse than looking for festive style and not finding anything, so let's dive in. Here are some stores with plus size halloween outfits! as always, this post may contain affiliate links. Modcloth sizes: up to 4xl Modcloth has been on

Plus Size Boutiques and Small Businesses

If you're anything like me, you love finding unique pieces of clothing, AND you love shopping at small businesses. But, you also need plus sizes! Well, today's post is going to be just that: a list of plus size boutiques and small businesses I love and have personally tried!  Comment at the end with your favorite, and save this for later or send it to a friend! (may contain affiliate links) Chic Soul this boutique is pretty well known, but for good reason. they have a TON of styles and

Body Positive Bali Trip: Travel with Me!

I almost cannot believe I am saying this, but... I'm hosting a trip to BALI! Surreal, right? After many years of loving travel, and sharing my trips, we are going to go TOGETHER! And I am so excited to get to meet you in real life and make the most amazing memories in such a magical place! So, let's talk about this body positive Bali trip and all we are gonna do, so you can sign up and come already! Check out the full Bali Itinerary What does a body
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