I'll be honest. For most of my life, I firmly believed that 'stylists are for rich people and celebrities'. I'm sure I'm not alone. They seemed like something only Hollywood elites and socialites benefit from. But my entire concept of styling as a service has been changed recently. Thanks to The stīl Trust. With The stīl Trust, (pronounced like 'style') ANYBODY, can get styled professionally, for MULTIPLE OCASSIONS for about $50. Seriously. I know it sounds too good to be true, so I'm going to share my experience in full. And

Where to Get Cute Plus Size Coats

Looking for cute plus size coats? It can be tricky to find coats that come in inclusive sizes that don't look like lumpy, heavy potato sacks. If you wear plus size clothing, you have probably searched in vain in the local mall (or online these days) for a cute coat that wouldn't ruin the effort you put into your stylish winter look. No more of that boo! I've scoured the internet to find a bunch of great options, some up to 6xl! As always, this post may contain affiliate links

Wide Calf Over the Knee Boots: Where to Shop

I know it can feel impossible to find wide calf over the knee boots! But don't worry friend, I got you! I have come to be quite the connoisseur of over the knee boots. As somebody who needs wide or extra wide calf boots, I know its can feel daunting. However, I have rounded up some of my favorites, so let's dive in! As always, this may contain affiliate links at no cost to you. This is not a sponsored post. Here are my top picks for Wide Calf Over

Plus Size Halloween Outfits

If you know me, you probably know I LOVE halloween. Well to be fair I LOVE fall in general. So for me, the idea of making some fun plus size halloween outfits was a DREAM! I think you're going to LOVE these! Ok before we even get started on this SUPER FUN post, a few orders of business: A. While I did order these in plus size, most if not all do come in straight sizes B. These are halloween / spooky season looks not costumes C. Gifted as part
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